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Be a speaker at… The Egyptian Theatre (Oct 19th)

Great event… Ignite. Check!
Great MC… Scott Berkun. Check!
Great venue… The Egyptian Theatre. Check!
Great speakers… well that is where you come in 🙂

We want you to share a story about a great (or weird) idea you love, a hard lesson learned, an insight into how something in the world works (or should work), or anything you are passionate about and want to share.

The talk submission deadline is Friday, Sept 15 at midnight.

Don’t worry if you’re an inexperienced speaker — we provide two speaker training sessions to help you craft your story and feel more confident about speaking in front of a crowd.

We want to hear from you! So submit a talk idea and enlighten us — but make it quick!

Pro tip: The Egyptian Theatre is a bit smaller than Town Hall Seattle…  you can buy your tickets now.


Videos / Recap from Ignite Seattle #33

Thanks to all of you who joined us last night for another spectacular show at Town Hall Seattle. We learned about baby delivery, sex of salmon, weird side projects, polyamory, the soundtrack of our lives and so much more. Which talk was your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

Our sincerest hope is you had a great time and will spread the ideas of our speakers to your friends, coworkers and followers. And we hope you will join us for our next event. Mark your calendars: Ignite Seattle #34 is Oct 19th, 2017.

To be the first to know when tickets go on sale sign up for email announcements (~9 emails a year).

You can view more of Ignite 33 Seattle photos here.

All of the videos are now live (Thanks to Bootstrapper studios). Please take a minute to share your favorites on all the interwebs (use #ignitesea).

Hope to see you at Ignite #33 on Oct 19th, 2017. You can volunteer to help or read about how to submit your own talk right now.

Speakers for Ignite Seattle #33 (May 18th)

Our 33rd Ignite Seattle event, takes place on Thursday May 18th, 7pm/8pm at Town Hall Seattle. Tickets $5 at the door or in advance (we frequently sell out – buy tickets early. Or NOW. Really).

Doors open at 7pm, with a cash bar (no cards accepted). There will be tons of fun folks to chat with (or to ignore if chatting isn’t your thing). No judgment here 🙂

Talks start at 8pm, with an nicely sized intermission halfway through for you to do various acts of biology and sociology, including getting more drinks. Bring cash!

Here are the brilliant speakers we are thrilled to bring to our stage:

  • 8 Things I Wish I’d Known About Polyamory (Before I Tried and Frakked It Up) Cunning Minx
  • A Card Game that Moonlights? Emily Martin
  • Baugruppen: communal dwelling sans granola¬ Michael Eliason
  • Don’t Say Thank You, Say Terima Kasih Steven Maheshwary
  • How Garbage Changed My Life Roxanne Fonder Reeve
  • How to Deliver Your Baby by Yourself! Jaymin & Eri Patel
  • John Keats on JavaScript: Poetry and Programming Problems Jody Tate
  • On Being a Saudi Seattleite Kholood Alabdullatif
  • Reading the Sex of Salmon, a genetic scavenger hunt Trevor Eakes
  • Running off to sea; a story about Tall Ships and Transformation Peter Toms
  • That’s My Jam! How our favorite songs trigger autobiographical memories that make up the soundtrack of our lives. Craig Campbell
  • The “Lucky” Lightskin Girl Janae Gutow
  • Weird Side Projects April Soetarman
  • Why Most Dating Advice is Bullshit Amin Lakhani
  • Yes, We’re Living In A Simulation (But We’re Not Just Avatars) Joan Newcomb
  • You play in the dirt while I’m on the phone. A dad’s guide to Seattle playgrounds. Ray Dubicki

Speaking order is TBD.

It is going to be an amazing night! Get your tickets here.

Speaker Sneak Peek: Ignite Seattle #33 at Town Hall on May 18th

We are finalizing the speaker list for the next Ignite Seattle very soon.

It is going to be awesomesauce people!

Here are four of the fantastic talks:

  • Baugruppen: communal dwelling sans granola Michael Eliason
  • How I got 150 old tires, a 20 foot tall Marky Mark, and an intergalactic BeatMaster in my driveway Roxanne Fonder Reeve
  • 8 Things I Wish I’d Known About Polyamory (Before I Tried and Frakked It Up) Cunning Minx
  • “You play in the dirt while I’m on the phone.” A dad’s guide to Seattle playgrounds. Ray Dubicki

Get your tickets now:

Encourage a friend to submit a talk idea (due April 14)

Do you know that 78.9% of people who submit a Ignite Seattle talk are encouraged to do so by a friend? Well if so please share your data because that is a just an estimate based on what we hear 🙂 Seriously, encouragement is sooo critical for many people to tell their story about their passion, a hard lesson, an insight or idea that is important for others to hear.

We encourage you to encourage a friend to submit a talk idea

We encourage YOU to submit a talk idea… that idea floating around in your head wants to be told and we know you are the best person to tell it.
You will be awesome!
The crowd will cheer!
You will be so glad you did it!
We promise.

The next Ignite Seattle is Thursday, May 18th at Town Hall and the talk submission deadline is Friday, April 14th at midnight.
Don’t delay encourage and submit a talk idea today 🙂

Bonus info:
Here is great advice for getting accepted at Seattle Ignite