Ignite Seattle 26: Ignite, Improv and You!  

We’ve seen few talks that play within the constraints of the format in the way that Sol Villarreal did at Ignite Seattle 26. He invited a stranger from the audience (Mary Joyce) up on to the stage to give a completely improvised (yes, really) Ignite talk. And it was amazing.


Watch Sol’s talk on Youtube, and then submit a talk for the next Ignite Seattle on May 20th. The theme is experiments – what can you do to experiment with 20 slides in 5 minutes?

Experiments! The Ignite 27 Theme Explained

Ignite Seattle 27, on May 20th 2015 will be the first time we’re going to have a theme for the evening. What’s a theme, you ask? Good question. What we want to do is an experiment. All previous Ignites have been a potpourri of topics, ideas, styles and attitudes. What would an evening of talks focused on a theme be like? Better? Worse? We want to learn.

And it’s only fitting for our first themed Ignite that we pick the theme of EXPERIMENTS! 

An experiment is when you do something with the goal of verifying, refuting, or establishing the validity of a hypothesis. In other words, choosing to act fully aware you don’t know what’s going to happen.


Q: What kinds of talks do we want?

Good ones, of course. We’re looking for stories about an experiment you did in your life. It could be something you did at work, or the very idea of a career you tried to pursue. Maybe it’s about a place you moved to or a person you were trying to be with. It could be something deeply serious (an experiment of belief). Or perhaps it’s something very silly (an experiment in how many pierogis it takes to fill your car).

Q: Does the experiment have to have succeeded?

Absolutely not. The theme is not “amazing success stories!” We’re hoping to hear stories with a range of outcomes. Interesting failures, experiments that surprised you or your friends or changed how you look at something, including possibly yourself.

Q: Are the other restrictions on Ignite talks the same?

Mostly yes. Our default assumption as you might guess is that all talks will follow the Ignite format: 5 minutes, 20 slides, 15 seconds per slide. But we are open to the possibility of one or two talks that experiment with the format itself (If you attended Ignite Seattle 15 you witnessed chainsaw tricks by Jason Quick, a talk given from up on a trapeze, and other format twisters). If your idea for a talk involves an experimental format: perhaps you want to juggle chainsaws blindfolded (that’s an experiment if you’ve never done it before), do a talk in total darkness, or who knows what. If you have a format experiment be sure to submit your talk early and talk to us about it.

All Good? Good. You can submit your talk idea here.

(Here from Ignite 15 is Jason Quick, one armed performance artist)

Jason Quick The Juggling Act of Life

Ignite Seattle 26 is SOLD OUT. No-show tickets will be released for purchase at 7:45pm.

For the first time since we moved to Town Hall Seattle’s enormous 900-seat venue, Ignite Seattle 26 is officially SOLD OUT!

If you already have your tickets, you’re good to go, but please plan to arrive before 7:45pm — when unused seats will be made available to folks who wish to buy last-minute at the door.

Talks begin at 8:00pm. This is going to be a great evening.

Ignite Seattle is TONIGHT!

Our first Ignite of 2015 is TONIGHT at Town Hall Seattle. Tickets $5 at the door or in advance. Doors open at 7, with cash bar and a fun social game (you don’t have to play but you probably will despite what you think as you read this). Talks start at 8pm, with an intermission.

Our usual fantastic MC Monica Guzman will be out of town doing super cool journalistic things. Filling in will be Scott Berkun, former-fill in host from Ignite 17 and a multi-Ignite-Seattle-veteran.

NOTE: We are expecting a larger crowd than normal, so we’d advise you to get there a little earlier to get a good seat.

Here is our stellar roster of amazing speakers

First Half

Second Half

Please spread the word. A great night awaits you and your friends.

Move over baseball, esports are here: or, why I shaved my beard – Jason Preston

From Jason’s pitch

“Five nerds from China just made more money in three hours than you’re going to make in your life. In front of 20 million people (that’s more than watched any World Series game in 2013). Doing something you probably think is stupid: playing a video game.

I wake up at 5 a.m. four days a week to play Counter-Strike in front of a digital audience. Here’s why eSports aren’t the next big thing, but the NOW big thing. “

About Jason
During the day, Jason Preston organizes the Dent conference and is also an organizer of Ignite Seattle. You can follow Jason on Twitter @jasonp and watch him playing Counter-Strike on Twitch.

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