Throwback Thursday: A 2007 Talk About the Rise of the “Third Screen.”

Our next Ignite Seattle event is on Thursday, February 23, 2017. Do you have a great idea or fascinating story you want to share with your city? This is a unique chance to share something important, funny, or geeky with Seattle…and the world.

Beth Goza shared this talk in 2007: “Is 2008 the year the ‘Third Screen’ Takes Center Stage?”

Maybe you have a response to this, or an inside scoop on the next Big Thing.

Either way, submit your own talk idea by tomorrow, January 13th!

Get Your Friend to Submit an Ignite Talk by Friday!

Our next Ignite Seattle event is on Thursday, February 23, 2017.

Do you know someone with a great idea, interesting project, or fascinating story you want others to hear about?

Get them to submit a talk idea by Friday, January 13th!

The Ignite audience LOVES  to engage with a wide variety of topics — for instance, here’s a talk from 2010: Mandy Sorensen on “Fleas, Worms, and Other Parasites.”

Share Your Project or Side Hustle From the Ignite Stage!

Our next Ignite Seattle event is on Thursday, February 23, 2017. Do you have a great idea or fascinating story you want to share with your city? This is a unique chance to share something important, funny, or geeky with Seattle…and the world.

Submit your own talk idea by Friday, January 13th!

To inspire you, here’s a talk from 2013: James Davenport,  sharing his side project in a talk called, “Mapping the United States of Starbucks.”

We want challenging talk ideas

Here at Ignite Seattle we’ve built a finely tuned machine. Each event delivers on great talks, fascinating stories and a fun and welcoming community atmosphere. But one problem with finely tuned machines is this: they become predictable.

Over the years we’ve had some folks bring us bold ideas that challenge us. They push the limits of the 5 minute format or what can be done with an audience of 800 people. We’re always looking for more talks like this. Do you have something in mind? We want to hear from you. Submissions for the next Ignite are open.

Challenge us with:

  • New ways to use the 5 minute / 20 slide format
  • Topics or perspectives we’ve never had on stage before
  • Interesting ways to use the stage or the audience
  • Something we’ve never even considered

To seed your thoughts, here are some challenging examples from Ignite Seattle history:

Tag-Team: How To Have An Argument

Live music performance: How to Solve a Song

Getting the crowd to dance on stage: Where the hell is Matt?

A Wedding In 5 minutes: Wedding Planning for Geeks

An improv talk within a talk: Improv, Public Speaking and You

Slides that only keep time: Attention and Sex

One armed Juggling: The Juggling Act of Life

Live Burlesque: To Be A Great Leader





Ignite Seattle #31: Videos & Recap

Thanks to all of you who joined us last night for another sold out show at Town Hall Seattle. For our 10th anniversary we couldn’t ask for a more supportive, energetic and playful crowd. Our sincerest hope is that you keep coming to our shows, and help spread the word about what we do – we want to keep this forum for the exchange of ideas going for a long time.


All of the videos from last night are now live (Thanks to Bootstrapper studios)! You can watch individual talks or the entire show in one video.  Please take a minute to share your favorites on all the interwebs.

  1.  Happiness through Calculus, Jordan Couch
  2. Guaranteed Successful Design, Noah Iliinsky
  3. Definitely Not Nordstrom: A Rally Call and Celebration of Awkwardness, Kristin Leong
  4. Not Everything Is A Collaboration, Eric Holdeman
  5. Appy Bride: How I Infuriated the Wedding Industry & Got My -Dream Wedding, Sarah Schacht
  6. Hello, My Friend. Madi Williamson
  7. Eat Your Ice Cream: How To Live Like You’re Dying, Robin Tarter
  8. Building Solid Teams with Silly Games, Shannon Mead
  9. After the Psych Ward, Jeffrey Hicks
  10. Our Brain’s Next Firmware Update, Laura Lantz
  11. Nope! Really! Africa is Not A Country. Kevin Obbayi
  12. The Irish Goodbye, Kelly Kanary
  13. So You Think You Can’t Dance, Sandi Olson
  14. Breaking Bread, Breaking Boundaries. Phillip Deng
  15. The Streets Where You Live, Amy Cash
  16. Great Things Never Came From Comfort Zones, Andrew McGee
  17. Ignite Seattle #31 – Entire show



Where to eat and drink before (and after) Ignite Seattle

Our current home for Ignite Seattle is the lovely Town Hall Seattle, located on first hill, just across from I-5. It’s a curious little neighborhood that many Seattleites don’t know very well (it has so many hospitals nearby, it’s often jokingly called “pill hill”).

To help you get the most out of your Ignite experience, here’s a short guide for where to eat and drink before (or after) Ignite. Of course at the event there are always two cash only bars open, selling drinks and light snacks, but they can get crowded at times (for Ignite 31 there will be a dedicated wine/bar line to speed things up).

  • Quarter Lounge – It’s a small, charming dive bar a few blocks away. Open late. This is the semi-official location of the Ignite Seattle after party.
  • The Hideout – just three blocks away from Town Hall, this speakeasy style art bar has fine cocktails, simple snacks, and fantastic art (including an art vending machine). Open late, but it’s a small place and can get crowded at peak hours.
  • Vito’s – A 60 year old Italian lounge/restaurant that will make you think of Frank Sinatra (and soon you’ll have a Martini in your hand). Yes the walls are carpeted and there is a cougar (literally) by the front door. The food is alright, but the vibe is memorable.
  • Primo pizza – directly across the street from Town Hall, this reliable, straightforward pasta and pizza place is the most convenient meal you’ll find. It does gets busy and service can be slow so get there early if it’s your plan.
  • Pho  Saigon – Decent pho and Vietnamese fare.  3 blocks away.
  • Thai Star – Same as above, but… Thai.
  • Sazerac – Just a 6 minute walk away at 4th avenue, near the library, this southern style restaurant and bar has a great happy hour 4-8pm. (Doors open at Ignite at 7pm, event starts at 8pm).
  • Han’s deli – If you hope to just grab a candy bar or a bag of chips, this is just a block away.

See you soon!

Enlighten us, but make it quick!