Speaker List: Ignite Seattle #37 at The Egyptian on Oct 4

Selecting talks from the list of speaker submissions was challenging once again, with so many great ideas submitted by so many fantastic people! Thank you, thank you, and thank YOU to folks who submitted talks. Below is the list of who’s speaking at Ignite Seattle #37 on Oct 4th.

But first buy your tickets for Ignite #37 now. Why?

  1. Ignite Seattle sells out. Don’t miss out.
  2. The early bird ticket price of $10 is available for a limited time (regular price is $15)
  3. The speaker list is amazing.

Ignite #37 Speakers (order to be determined):

  • De-Mystifying the Instant Pot – Sumit Basu
  • Summer Pop Songs, 1595 to Present – Michael Hamm
  • A Survival Guide for Black Millennial Single Mothers Striving to Slay – Sydney Swonigan
  • What Military Peacekeeping Taught Me About Humility – Urs Koenig
  • Translating Earth’s Historical Record – How The Chemistry of Microscopic Shells Tells Us About Our Past, And Our Future – Elisa Bonnin
  • Exploring the 8th Continent – Cindy Wu
  • So, You’re Black in Tech? – Rovina Broomfield
  • Me Too: What it Takes To Come Forward – Sarah Schacht
  • How to Thru-Hike Without Suffering – Beth Jusino
  • Juliet Wasn’t Dumb & We Need to Stop Assuming She Was – Emma Broback
  • Physician, Speak Thyself: Storytelling As Healing In Healthcare – Sam Blackman
  • Oceans and Robots and Volcanoes, Oh My! – Dana Manalang

Two new partnerships to make this season better than ever

We’re excited to announce partnerships with two new organizations which will help us make Ignite Seattle better than ever this year!


We’re excited to announce our headlining sponsor for the 2018-19 Ignite Seattle season, WeWork!

WeWork is a global network of workspaces where companies and people grow together. We transform buildings into dynamic environments for creativity, focus, and connection. More than just the best place to work, though, this is a movement toward humanizing work. We believe that CEOs can help each other, offices can use the comforts of home, and we can all look forward to Monday if we find real meaning in what we do.

Even more exciting, WeWork is offering the Ignite audience one free week of coworking at their newest Seattle location, 1411 4th Ave. This offer is exclusive for the Ignite community! Learn more and get your free week.

The World is Fun

We’re also partnering with Seattle nonprofit The World is Fun to help us build a volunteer program and to allow us to accept tax-deductible contributions. This partnership means we’ll finally be able to get started on a lot of long-running ideas we’ve had for making the show more fun.

You might remember TWIF from founder Amy Faulkner’s talk at Ignite #34, where she described her mission to get Seattleites involved in their community through unique events and partnerships with more than 140 local nonprofits.

When asked why she was excited to work more closely with Ignite, Amy said “The World is Fun is a perfect partner for Ignite Seattle: We both share the goals of teaching Seattleites how unique, passionate, and connected they really are in an approachable and fun format.”

Ignite is thrilled to have the support of these two organizations, and this year’s shows will be better than ever!

Learn Public Speaking From the Ignite Seattle Team

Update: thank you to everyone who joined us for this sold-out workshop! We’ll be running another soon; you can sign up for notifications here.

Ignite Seattle thrives on diverse ideas and challenging stories. We think everyone should give public speaking a shot, and we’re hosting a workshop to help you do that!

Join us to learn:

  • How to tell better stories at work or in life (and do it fast!),
  • The 6 most common mistakes speakers make and how to avoid them
  • The science behind fears about speaking and how to manage them
  • How to get a talk proposal accepted at events like Ignite Seattle, TEDx, etc.
  • Plus a few volunteers who bring 60 seconds of a talk they have will get an expert critique

You don’t need to have a talk idea or submit to Ignite to attend.

Your coach will be professional speaker and Ignite Seattle emcee Scott Berkun. In addition to giving 20 to 30 lectures and keynotes each year, he wrote the bestselling guide to public speaking, Confessions of a Public Speaker.

  • Date: August 7, 2018; 7-9pm
  • Location: Idea Lab at Fluke Hall, University of Washington
  • Cost: $5. SOLD OUT.

Call For Speaker Proposals!

Our next Ignite event is coming up fast – and speaker submissions are OPEN.

You do not need to be a professional public speaker to submit to Ignite. In fact, more than half of our speakers have never given a talk in front of an audience before!

Submitting a talk is easy. Click on the big red Submit button on the top of the screen (or submit a talk here!). All you need is a title, a description, and a bit of contact info – no need to have the whole talk planned out already!

In fact, our emcee Scott Berkun is a professional speaker as his “day job,” and he invites all selected speakers to a speaker coaching session.

If you’ve never given a talk in front of an audience before, this is a great way to learn some good strategies for preparing, practicing, and performing. If you’re already comfortable up on stage, this is a great way to learn some specific tips around giving great Ignite talks!

So what are you waiting for? What would you say if you had 5 minutes on stage? Tell us today!

Submissions close August 23rd, and the next event is October 4th.


Videos & Recap: Ignite Seattle #36

Wow! That was a good one.

Thanks to all of you who joined us last night for another sold-out show at the Egyptian Theater. Once again Seattle’s most awesome, energetic, and playful crowd suppported a line-up of some of our city’s most creative and interesting citizens.

Check out our Facebook page for photo booth pics, a video of the whole event, and other posts about the show.

And please share your opinion of your Ignite Seattle 36 experience in this brief survey.

All of the videos from last night are now live (thanks to Bootstrapper studios)! You can watch the talks on this Ignite 36 playlist.

And here are links directly to each of last night’s talks. Please take a minute to share your favorites on your preferred interwebs platform.

  1. How I Dumped Denial, Sally Fox
  2. Why We All Still Talk Like Pirates, Monica Houston
  3. How Slack Saved My Life, Rob Eickmann
  4. Silicon Valley Desperately Needs a Sense of Humor, Coco Krumme
  5. The Seattle Superman, Jonathan Belle
  6. Getting Naked for Feminism, Katrina Hamilton
  7. Breaking the Ramadan Fast Live on Stage, Kholood Alabdullatif
  8. How a Punching Bag Saved My Life: Parenting Tips from a Group Home Kid, Phoenix Cavalier
  9. How to Woo a Seattle WOC, Marie Bolla
  10. Ignite Survey Says . . . , Nicole Steinbok
  11. Pooing in Public, Jason Preston
  12. Mystery Ignite (improvised Ignite talk), Kinzie Shaw

Thanks again! We look forward to seeing you at Ignite Seattle #37 in October. Exact date and time are still being determined, so be sure to sign up for our mailing list to stay in the loop.

Not Your Father’s Lumberjacks – Seth Zuckerman

Seth Zuckerman used to think that logging always involved two guys and a chainsaw. But like the Super-Axe-Hacker in The Lorax, he learned modern lumberjacks fell trees quicker and more efficiently than the loggers of yore. The latest models are computerized wood manufacturing operations on wheels, which travel through the forest turning trees into precisely optimized piles of logs.

Since the early 90s, the number of people killed in logging accidents in the United States has decreased by half. And the amount of logging has decreased by just over 20%.

How To Mouse With Your Toes: Throw Your Mouse On The Floor, Not Out The Window – Elizabeth Nelson

Elizabeth Nelson understands that life is digital in 2018, but our bodies are still flesh and blood. So how do you stay employed when working with a computer hurts? How do you stay connected to friends, family and news of the world? Back in 2000, moving a computer mouse with her hands became painful. So she turned to her toes! She teaches us how to make mousing look magical while actually speeding up your computer work!

If you can steal a soccer ball from a kid, you can mouse with your toes!