Speaker List: Ignite Seattle #35 at The Egyptian on March 1st

Selecting just 14 talks from the list of speaker submissions was tough, with so many great ideas! But here is the list of who’s speaking at Ignite Seattle #35 on March 1st (with the speaking order yet to be determined):

Hint: you should buy your tickets for Ignite #35 now!

  • Get Free Accommodations Worldwide, Thanks to Neurotic Dogs – Silvana Clark
  • How One Guy Can Make You Less Racist – Maryam Hosseini
  • What I Learned Visiting Every Park In Seattle – Linnea Westerlind
  • My Life As A Superhero: Myths About Disaster Response – Chris Sheach
  • What Adults Can Learn From Teens – Sargun Handa
  • What Government Bureaucracy Taught Me About Creativity – Joel Fariss
  • Bias-Proofing Business: Broads, Avalanches, and Board Rooms – Sara Sanford
  • How To Not Be The Least Secure Gazelle – Zachary Cohn
  • Running A Hummingbird Food Bank – Lauryl Zenobi
  • Qualifying Your WA Initiative For Under $500,000 – Gabe Meyer
  • I Love Profanity! The Surprisingly Difficult Decision To Remove One Word From My Book – Jeremy Kayes
  • Swinging On The Lamp Posts: Designing For Play In The Modern City – Colin MacDonald
  • How To Mouse With Your Toes: Throw Your Mouse On The Floor, Not Out The Window – Elizabeth Nelson
  • Not Your Father’s Lumberjacks – Seth Zuckerman

We can’t wait to see you at The Egyptian on March 1st!
Reminder: you should buy your tickets for Ignite #35 now, if you don’t want to miss out.


How To Promote Your Ignite Talk

If you’re speaking at the next Ignite Seattle, make the most of your amazing opportunity! Here’s how:

Before the event:

  1. Invite your friends and family to be in the audience. We’d love to have them in the audience to support you. Tickets are inexpensive and it’s a great night. You can use this video to help explain what Ignite Seattle is like.
  2. On Facebook, go to our event page, mark yourself as “going” and then share it out to your network. You can directly invite people to attend and you should!
  3. If you are on Twitter, Facebook or have your own blog, here’s a simple announcement you can copy and paste

Big news: my talk on “<Insert your amazing talk title here>” will be part of the next Ignite Seattle event on Thursday March 1st at the Egyptian theater on Capitol Hill. it’s an evening of great short talks on interesting topics and you should come to cheer me on!

You can buy tickets now, and act fast as they usually sell out. Hope to see you there.

After the event:

We capture and publish videos of all talks and post them online in just a few days. We want to help you to get your message out as best we can.

  1. You’ll receive an email a few days after the event with links to all of the talks, including yours.
  2. Find your video and post it everywhere, Facebook, Twitter, your blog, your neighborhood newsletter – your friends and family want to see it.
  3. We will also post photos from our staff photographers that you can share with your friends and social networks.


Ticket Update: Ignite #35 (March 1st)

For the first time since we started charging admission, we are raising our ticket price for Ignite Seattle.

Some hard financial realities drove this decision. When Town Hall closed for its renovation, we had to move to a smaller venue. The Egyptian Theater is fantastic, but it only seats 570 folks. Town Hall could seat 830. That leaves us down about $1,300 in revenue right off the bat.

We are an all-volunteer organization, and we run a tight financial ship, so our costs aren’t too high. Every penny that we collect goes into the program.

As evaluated our new situation, for the first time in our history, we were looking at a non-sustainable budget. As diligent stewards of this community resource, we made the decision to raise prices.

So, beginning with our March 1 event, the price of admission will be $10 ($5 for Town Hall members).

We’re working hard to make sure that Ignite will still be a good value for you. And we’re working all the time to make the event even better.

Most importantly, we still get as many high-quality community speaking submissions as ever. So you can count on another great line-up March 1.

At $10 we are still more affordable than a first-run movie. And, honestly, when was the last time you felt that fun, friendly community vibe in a Regal Cinemas lobby?

We hope you’ll support us in this decision. Which you can do right now by buying a ticket for Ignite Seattle #35 🙂

Be An Ignite Speaker (ideas due Jan 19)

Great event… Ignite. Check!
Great MC… Scott Berkun. Check!
Great venue… The Egyptian Theatre. Check!
Great speakers… well that is where you come in 🙂

We want you to share a story about a great (or weird) idea you love, a hard lesson learned, an insight into how something in the world works (or should work), or anything you are passionate about and want to share.

The talk submission deadline is Friday, January 19 at midnight.

Don’t worry if you’re an inexperienced speaker — we provide two speaker training sessions to help you craft your story and feel more confident about speaking in front of a crowd.

We want to hear from you! So submit a talk idea and enlighten us — but make it quick!

Help Wanted: Money Master & Sponsorship Master

Here at Ignite Seattle a small team of volunteer organizers works behind the scenes to make everything happen. Thanks to you, our fans, our events have become so popular now that we’re looking to grow our team.

We have two roles, which could possibly be filled by the same talented person!

1. Role: Money-Master (Bookkeeper)

We excel at making the most out of our events, working mostly with volunteers to make everything happen. Yet we do have basic accounting tasks, including paying bills, collecting ticket revenue (from our venue partners) covering expenses, and doing non-profit accounting and planning, things most of us have only minor experience with.

We need an experienced bookkeeper to track our income and expenses, help us make sure we pay our vendors on time, and improve our financial planning and basic accounting.

2. Role: Sponsor-Master

For  years we’ve filled Town Hall Seattle, and now, The Egyptian theater, with sold out shows that provide a great platform for the amazing stories, projects and ideas Seattle citizens are working on.

We want to extend that platform to include a handful of select sponsors, trading resources we can use to improve our shows, for premier exposure to our audience and community.

The role would be to define our sponsorship program, recruit sponsors and manage ongoing relationships with them.

Minimum time commitment: a couple of hours a week between events, with spikes of 5-10 hours a week leading up to and during the events (3 times a year).

Rewards:  You’ll be part of a fun, smart and loyal team of volunteer organizers, well connected in the Seattle tech and arts community. You will meet many interesting and amazing people, work with a great team, and share in thrills at each live event. You’ll get to  use skills you already have to do good in the arts community in Seattle.  Ignite Seattle might be one of the most rewarding things you contribute to regularly. .

How we work: We are mostly virtual (Slack), with monthly in person meetings related to the events and our speakers. We are all volunteers and happily wear many hats. You may get your hands dirty often, and have fun doing it, as we are a small, lean team.

How To Apply: 

  1. Give us a brief rundown on your past bookeeping and/or sponsorship experience (link to resume or LinkedIn is fine)
  2. Tell us what you love about Ignite Seattle, and/or why you want to join the team?
  3. Email the above to pr@scottberkun.com

Prepare: how to find royalty free images

If you present at Ignite Seattle, your talk, and your slides, will be seen by hundreds of people, and even more online. It’s important that you use only images that you have permission to use: you wouldn’t want someone to use your work with out permission, would you?

To help, there are several ways to find images that are rights and royalty free, the easiest is Google.

Google Images

  1. Go to Google Images Search
  2. Search for something (e.g. “people playing dodge ball”)
  3. Click on the Tools option, on the right
  4. Click on Usage rights


  1. Select Labeled for reuse or the level of license you need


You can also set other options for the images you want (high size equals higher quality).

Other sources of royalty-free images




Ignite Seattle #34 – The Recap

Thank you to all of you who joined us last week for a spectacular SOLD OUT show at The Egyptian Theatre. We learned about the unusual history of volunteering, robots taking our jobs, death, sofas, pageants, birders, Seattle and so much more. Which talk was your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

Our sincerest hope is you had a great time and will spread the ideas of our speakers to your friends, coworkers and followers. And we hope you will join us for our next event. Mark your calendars: Ignite Seattle #35 is Thursday March 1st, 2018.

Watch videos from your favorite talks right now:

Don’t stop there – here’s more you can do:

Speaker NameSpeaker NameSpeaker Name

Enlighten us, but make it quick!