Throwback Thursday: Yes, I’m Having an Identity Crisis (2016)

Sarah Novotny‘s amazing Ignite Seattle talk on her identity crisis is a wake-up call to people on the treadmill of life making decision based on society’s expectations of who they are. Sarah reminds you that you are not your wallet, you are not your shape, and you are not your accomplishments. Then who are you? Watch Sarah’s talk to hear her story and to help discover yourself.

Bonus round:
We were reminded of Sarah’s openness in her Ignite talk, when we saw her rocking the Google Cloud Next ’17 – Day 3 Keynote last week talking about Open Source innovations. Great job Sarah!

And you can watch Sarah’s first Ignite talk here: Living the OG (Original Geek) Lifestyle  It even includes the why behind this crazy thing we know and love… Ignite Seattle.

Throwback Thursday: I am Your Muslim Neighbor (2016)

Amanda Saab gave her fantastic Ignite Seattle talk, I am Your Muslim Neighbor, almost a year ago. She touches on the wonderful accomplishments of American Muslim Women, how the Hijab is her feminist statement, how she won a MasterChef apron, and how food can bring people together.

Check out Amanda’s post Dinner with your Muslim Neighbor for a delicious way to make connections.

Throwback Thursday: I Give You Permission to be a Shitty Parent (2011)

Hillel Cooperman has given many fantastic Ignite talks. Thank you Hillel!

This one is extra special because along with giving an entertaining talk he gives parents, including YOU, permission to be shitty.

Watch, laugh and relax as Hillel gives you permission, examples, and reasons why you should be a shitty parent.

Throwback Thursday: Make Art Not Content (Scotto Moore – 2007)

In his classic Seattle Ignite talk Make Art Not Content Scotto Moore will  entertain you and educate you on internet art including what incents graffiti artists to create their masterpieces: the knowledge they have created a kickass piece of art.

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