Submit a talk to Ignite Seattle

Do you have a great idea or a fascinating story you want to share with your city? This is a unique chance to share something important, funny, or wonderful with Seattle and the world.

NOTE: Speakers for the upcoming Ignite, #38, have already been selected. Information on this page is for Ignite Seattle #39.

  • Submissions Due: April 4
  • Responses Sent: April 11
  • Coaching: April 29
  • Rehearsal: May 13
  • Ignite Seattle #39: May 16

Most submissions are talks, but your submission can be anything, as long as it fits the Ignite format: 5 minutes, 20 slides, and 15 seconds per slide. It’s ok if you haven’t done this before — accepted speakers are invited to coaching sessions led by professional speaker Scott Berkun.

(Before submitting, watch our ‘What is Ignite?’ video if you haven’t attended, and be sure to read our insider advice on getting accepted.)

photo by: Brady Harvey