Ignite Seattle is an amazing evening of fast paced talks on a wide range of interesting, inspiring and challenging topics, first held in Seattle in 2006. There have been 29 Ignite Seattle events and they are currently held at the wonderful Town Hall Seattle. Many other cities also run Ignite events.

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The first event was organized by Brady Forrest and Bre Pettis, inspired in part by a desire to simplify presentations into a 5 minute format.

Current Ignite Seattle organizers include:

  • General Organizers: Bryan Zug, Jen Zug, Gregory Heller, Randy Stewart, H.B. Siegel, Carly Slater, Kacey Wherley, Steven Chau
  • Speaker Wrangler and Lead instigator, Justin Martenstein
  • MC, Scott Berkun
  • Speaker Trainer and Coach, Scott Berkun
  • Slide Wrangler, Larry Swanson
  • Honorable team members who live elsewhere now: Zac Cohn, Jason Preston, Monica Guzman

10 thoughts on “About”

      1. Hi Randy! I’m a Seattle woman living in London, and I just did my first Ignite talk at OReilly Open Source Convention here in London this week. And yesterday I found out I will be in Seattle on Nov 17!! I know RFP have closed…but please oh please can I participate?


      2. We’d love to have attend the event (and tickets are now available), but we had 80+ talk submissions to speak at the event, of which we painstakingly had to choose only 16. We’d love to have you submit a talk to our next event, which I believe will be in February 2017. Submissions will be open shortly after November’s event has finished.


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