I’d like to help


9 thoughts on “I’d like to help”

  1. Just grab WaMu this summer; the audience is large enough, the bar at wamu is only slightly larger than the one tonight, and the audience would only have to reposition a few miles.

    I don’t think that audience size is appropriate for an outdoor venue.



  2. Just wondering…do the doors ever open by 7 PM? And why the one hour for the mixer game/warm up? Why not open the doors at 7 PM, start the talks at 7:30 PM and do the mixer afterward so that people can mingle with the presenters (once they know who they are).
    “Enlighten us, but make it quick (only if you have all night).”


  3. I’m a middle school librarian and am planning on attending Ignite Seattle 12 with a few teachers. Our students have recently been working with Ignite, and we were wondering about an “under 21 Ignite” event. Maybe we could host one at our school? I would love to chat through email or after the event on the 7th.

    ]{risty Gale


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