Speaker List: Ignite Seattle #34 at The Egyptian on Oct 19th

Well, Seattle, you did it again. You made the Ignite Seattle organizers job of selecting 16 talks very difficult. There were 66 talk submissions and any 16 would have made for a great Ignite.  Thanks again to everyone who submitted a talk or encouraged others to do so.

Here is most of the speaker list. As always, order is to be determined.

  • Dead 2.0 – Jeremy Dragt
  • From Tech to Texas – Jack Timmons
  • Sofas Are (not) ScaryRebecca West
  • Embracing Obstacles As OpportunitiesAlicia Crank
  • The Unusual History of VolunteeringAmy Faulkner
  • Leading the Majority Minority – Eugene Hsu
  • If You Want to Create Change, Host a Pageant! – Abari Charles
  • 4 Signs Your Friend or Loved One Is a BirderJeremy Schwartz
  • How to Make Seattle Your Own in 10 Easy StepsMonica Guzman
  • How to Stay Calm Around Impossibly Annoying People – Susan Fee
  • Disruptive Play: The Trickster in Politics and Culture – Shepherd Siegel
  • Doorstops & Bicycles: Why We Humans Keep Making Things – Jeremy Bowen
  • Sleeping with Specters — How Designing the Dead Changed My Life – Patrick Blanchard
  • Robots are Not Coming for Your Job and We’re All Going to be Okay – Patrick Rauland
  • The Proximity Principle (and why you’ll probably become best friends with the person sitting next to you) – Rupi Sureshkumar

We will keep you posted when more talks are confirmed.

Pro Tip: Buy your tickets now we think this one will sell out!

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