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Ticket Update: Ignite #35 (March 1st)

For the first time since we started charging admission, we are raising our ticket price for Ignite Seattle.

Some hard financial realities drove this decision. When Town Hall closed for its renovation, we had to move to a smaller venue. The Egyptian Theater is fantastic, but it only seats 570 folks. Town Hall could seat 830. That leaves us down about $1,300 in revenue right off the bat.

We are an all-volunteer organization, and we run a tight financial ship, so our costs aren’t too high. Every penny that we collect goes into the program.

As evaluated our new situation, for the first time in our history, we were looking at a non-sustainable budget. As diligent stewards of this community resource, we made the decision to raise prices.

So, beginning with our March 1 event, the price of admission will be $10 ($5 for Town Hall members).

We’re working hard to make sure that Ignite will still be a good value for you. And we’re working all the time to make the event even better.

Most importantly, we still get as many high-quality community speaking submissions as ever. So you can count on another great line-up March 1.

At $10 we are still more affordable than a first-run movie. And, honestly, when was the last time you felt that fun, friendly community vibe in a Regal Cinemas lobby?

We hope you’ll support us in this decision. Which you can do right now by buying a ticket for Ignite Seattle #35 ūüôā


Best of Ignite Seattle at Town Hall’s Last Hurrah: June 30

Did you know Town Hall is closing for major renovations? Let’s shut it down with a bang–and some of the best Ignite Seattle speakers we’ve ever heard!

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Come together for our final hours in Town Hall’s current building for an evening jam packed with slam poetry, live music, hip-hop tap, a late-night Ignite, live music from local bands, a Great Hall dance party, and more. Concessions will stay open all night, joined by food trucks and photo booths. The night will cap off with a midnight toast to our future!

Schedule of events:
7PM: Performance by three-time world champion spoken word artist Buddy Wakefield
8:15PM: Dance performance by Northwest Tap Connection
9:30PM: Best of Ignite Seattle, including these amazing speakers:

10:30PM: Musical performance by The Nines, one of Seattle‚Äôs best party bands covering hits from the ‚Äė70s to today.
11:45PM: A reading of the Great Hall poem and a toast to Town Hall’s future.

Get your tickets now before they sell out! Register for your free tickets now!

We Want YOU to Speak at Ignite!

The next Ignite Seattle is Thursday, May 18th at Town Hall!

Share a story about a great (or weird) idea you love, a hard lesson learned, an insight into how something in the world works (or should work), or anything you are passionate about and want to share.

The talk submission deadline is Friday, April 14th at midnight.

Don’t worry if you’re an inexperienced speaker — we provide a couple speaker training sessions to help you craft your story and feel more confident about speaking in front of a crowd.

We want to hear from you! So submit a talk idea and enlighten us ¬†— but make it quick!

Speakers for Ignite Seattle #32

Our 32nd Ignite event, and part of our 10th anniversary year, takes place on Thursday  February 23rd, 7pm/8pm at Town Hall Seattle. Tickets $5 at the door or in advance (we frequently sell out Рbuy tickets early. Or NOW. Really).

Doors open at 7pm, with a cash bar and a fun (optional) social interactive game (you don‚Äôt have to play, and since there is a bar you can stand and drink and make fun of the people who do, but we suspect you’re more likely to play than you think).

Talks start at 8pm, with an nicely sized intermission halfway through for you to do various acts of biology and sociology, including getting more drinks.

Here are the brilliant speakers we are thrilled to bring to our stage:

  • It Takes a Village, Stephanie Carrillo
  • Become a Wifi Ninja: Learn How to Fix Internets,¬†Patrick McCanna
  • Storage Hacking (or how to hoard neatly 101), Beth FitzGibbon
  • Holy Shit – A New Way “To Go”, V Calvez
  • A World For Every Classroom, John Krajewski
  • The¬†Power of Wearing Your Pain, Bridget Foley
  • A Gut Feeling: Microbiome and Mental Health, Hannah Thomasy
  • No, I Don’t Know Where To Buy Weed, Farris Holliday
  • Obsession With Causality, Andrei Borodin
  • Being Uncomfortable Is The Only Way to Grow, Virginia Emery
  • How To Win A National Award, Stephanie Lucash
  • Why We Stopped Eating The Nasty Shit, Andrew Ho
  • Simulating The International ComMUNity, River O’Connor
  • Badass 3.0, Karen Johanson
  • Lets Talk About Menstruation, Sara Gentzler
  • How To Be Mad at Your Kids, Jenni¬†Pertuset
  • (Speaking order TBD so don’t presume this is it)

Looks like a great night, yes? Get your tickets here. 

Where to eat and drink before (and after) Ignite Seattle

Our current home for Ignite Seattle is the lovely Town Hall Seattle, located on first hill, just across from I-5. It’s a curious little neighborhood that many Seattleites don’t know very well (it has so many hospitals nearby, it’s often jokingly called “pill hill”).

To help you get the most out of your Ignite experience, here’s a short guide for where to eat and drink before (or after) Ignite. Of course at the event there are always two cash only bars open, selling drinks and light snacks, but they can get crowded at times (for Ignite 31 there will be a dedicated wine/bar line to speed things up).

  • Quarter Lounge – It’s a small, charming dive bar a few blocks away. Open late. This is the semi-official location of the Ignite Seattle after party.
  • The Hideout¬†– just three blocks away from Town Hall, this speakeasy style art bar has fine cocktails, simple snacks, and fantastic art (including an art vending machine). Open late, but it’s a small place and can get crowded at peak hours.
  • Vito’s – A¬†60 year old Italian lounge/restaurant that will make you think of Frank Sinatra (and soon you’ll have a Martini in your hand). Yes the walls are carpeted and there is a cougar (literally) by the front door. The food is alright, but the vibe is memorable.
  • Primo pizza – directly across the street from Town Hall, this reliable, straightforward pasta and pizza place is the most convenient meal you’ll find. It does gets busy and service can be slow so get there early if it’s your plan.
  • Pho ¬†Saigon – Decent pho and Vietnamese fare. ¬†3 blocks away.
  • Thai Star – Same as above, but… Thai.
  • Sazerac – Just a 6 minute walk away at 4th avenue, near the library, this southern style restaurant and bar has a great happy hour 4-8pm. (Doors open at Ignite at 7pm, event starts at 8pm).
  • Han’s deli – If you hope to just grab a candy bar or a bag of chips, this is just a block away.

See you soon!

Videos and Photos from Ignite Seattle 30

Ignite Seattle 30 was an amazing event and if you weren’t there, we’ve got you covered: all the amazing talks are now on youtube. If you were there like me, and it all just crashed over you like ocean waves, you might have forgotten some of the great stories we shared. Here’s your chance to go re-live the event.

Thanks once again to Bootstrapper Studios  and Punch Drunk for their excellent video work at the event. You can see the full playlist of all 16 talks here.

Here are a handful of photos taken at Ignite, but you can view all the photos from Ignite Seattle 30 in our Flickr Pool here. Thanks to Morgen Schuler Photography for taking photos with me once again.

Fes Naqvi

Amanda Saab - Ignite Seattle 30

Remington Purnell

Katie Chase - Ignite Seattle 30

Tammarrian Rogers

Eight Great Reasons To Come To Ignite Seattle #30

This Thursday (5/26) at 8:00pm is Ignite Seattle #30¬†– we’re thrilled to bring you another edition of the largest open submission public speaking event in the Northwest. We’ve sold out many shows in a row, as we consistently deliver a fun, challenging, fast paced evening of ideas, opinions and stories for your pleasure.

If you’ve never come before, or have missed a few, this is a great one to come check out.

Here are eight amazing reasons to come to Ignite 30:

  1. We are in¬†Town Hall Seattle’s Great Hall, one of Seattle’s oldest and best¬†venues for live events (and they have a cash bar that opens at 7pm)
  2. Erica McGillvray will teach you how to write a novel in a month.
  3. If you’re cranky and old (like me), you’ll get your biases confirmed (but also tested) in a talk about why the world hates millennials.
  4. If you are hip and young, you’ll laugh at learning about what if life were like stock photography, and how to live in the gig economy.
  5. Hang out with 800+ of Seattle’s coolest, most friendly audience members during our world famous intermission (we intermiss better than anyone anywhere). But the event usually sells out, so buy tickets in advance.
  6. If you like fruit and vegetables, and who doesn’t, you have bees to thank. Nicollette Neumann will tell you about fantastic bees and where to find them.
  7. Seattle has a homeless problem, yes? Learn about a new approach that might lead us to a cure.
  8. Islamophobia is sadly on the rise in America – Amanda Saab with share what it’s like to be your Muslim neighbor.
  9. It’s our 30th Ignite event, a number cleanly divisible by 6, 3, or 5! Go Math!¬†We’re so excited we forgot how to count as this is reason #9 (which does NOT divide evenly into 30).
  10. We promise an evening free from the words: caucus, poll, superdelegate or Trump.

You will hate yourself if you don’t come. I mean, it’s Thursday night – shouldn’t you start your weekend of awesome a day early? We think you deserve it.

Go here to buy tickets ($5).  Doors open at 7:00pm (as does the cash bar). Talks start at 8:00pm, with an  intermission. Full list of speakers and topics.