Where to eat and drink before (and after) Ignite Seattle

Our current home for Ignite Seattle is the lovely Town Hall Seattle, located on first hill, just across from I-5. It’s a curious little neighborhood that many Seattleites don’t know very well (it has so many hospitals nearby, it’s often jokingly called “pill hill”).

To help you get the most out of your Ignite experience, here’s a short guide for where to eat and drink before (or after) Ignite. Of course at the event there are always two cash only bars open, selling drinks and light snacks, but they can get crowded at times.

Upscale Dinner

  • Outlier– Just a 6 minute walk away at 4th avenue, near the library, this southern-style restaurant and bar has a great happy hour 4-8pm.
  • Cortina – An Ethan Stowe (famous local chef) Italian restaurant.  5 minute walk from Town Hall, and you can walk through the iconic Freeway park.
  • Capital Grille – Fancy steakhouse in a historic building, a good choice if you’re celebrating tonight.
  • Purple cafe and wine bar – good choice all around, with a spectacular 30-foot tower of wine behind the bar makes for a  memorable and dramatic experience.

Something simple or fast

  • A Pizza Mart – directly across the street from Town Hall, this reliable, straightforward pizza place with a full bar is the most convenient meal you’ll find. It does get busy and service can be slow so get there early if it’s your plan.
  • Pho  Saigon – Decent pho and Vietnamese fare.  3 blocks away.
  • Han’s deli – If you hope to just grab a candy bar or a bag of chips, this is just a block away.
  • 206 Burger Company – Good burgers a 4 minute walk from our venue.
  • Town Hall does sell some light snacks at the bar.

Bars and drinks

  • The Hideout – just three blocks away from Town Hall, this speakeasy style art bar has fine cocktails, simple snacks, and fantastic art (including an art vending machine). Open late, but it’s a small place and can get crowded at peak hours.
  • The Diller Room – a ten-minute walk from Town Hall, this historic,  colorful, divey pub has lots of character and charm. Their small food menu includes fresh pizzas from next door.
  • A short walk across I-5 lets you pick from various hotel bars (which tend to be expensive). Check out the Olympic bar at the Fairmont.
  • Sadly our favorite spot Quarter Lounge has closed. and Vitos is currently recovering from a catastrophic fire, but hopes to reopen soon.
  • Town Hall does sell beer, drinks and light snacks at the bar. Lines can get long so preshow if you want your fix early.

See you soon!

[updated March 4th 2023]

Author: Scott Berkun

Author and Speaker, known for fine books including The Myths of Innovation, Making things Happen, The Year Without Pants and Confessions of a Public Speaker.

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