Yes for One Year: Confronting a Fear – Shauna Causey

Anyone who knows Shauna Causey in Seattle today would never have guessed that she faced a crippling fear of public speaking for years. One of Seattle’s iconic presences and very regular speakers, Shauna conquered her fear of public speaking by brute force: say “Yes” to speaking opportunities for one year.

Shauna’s year long experience left her with a set of lessons and stories for confronting a fear of public speaking. She shares these tips on stage, including:

  • Take honest feedback honestly
  • Acknowledge hecklers and move on
  • Practice in front of a wall full a sticky notes with eyes on them

For the full story, be sure to watch her talk:

The Secret Superpowers of Being Deaf – Alex Alviar

Being deaf, it turns out, helps you see things others don’t.

Alex Alviar was born deaf and has lived much of his life with a cochlear implant. In this talk, he shares how he engages the world, how the world reacts, and the unexpected things his senses have shown him.

“It’s like having a secret superpower that no one’s really aware of and that I can’t fully control, sometimes for the worse but usually for the better.”

Prepare to never see deafness the same way again …

How To Grow a Park – Dawn Hemminger

Dawn Hemminger‘s story began with a great idea to create a beautiful, safe and sustainable green space in her East Ballard neighborhood. This idea is no different than any one you may have that could enrich your life and the lives of those in your community. This talk proposes that the difference between just having an idea and turning it into reality depends on your success in following 6 key steps:

  1. Share your idea
  2. Host events
  3. Team up
  4. Embrace change
  5. Be tenacious
  6. Celebrate

Dawn’s community has grown the 14th Ave NW Park from a scribble on a napkin to a $2.9 Million funded reality with plans to break ground this year. If her experience can help you avoid any pitfalls or speed your progress, then this talk will have done its job.

The Long Lost Art of Explanation – Lee LeFever

Lee LeFever, creator of CommonCraft, is on a mission. He wants to help everyone become more effective explainers.

In this Ignite talk, Lee discusses — well, explains actually — the basics of explanation and how to take a complex idea and explain it with context, connections and stories leaving viewers with ideas for how they can be better explainers.

Steven Stone – Ignite Booze: The Creation of Sound Spirits Distillery

About Steven

Steven Stone is the Founder and Head Distiller at Sound Spirits, Seattle’s first craft distillery since Prohibition. Steven moved to Seattle in 1997 to work in engineering for Boeing (he still has his day job there). Plans for the distillery started taking shape in 2007 and Sound Spirits finally opened it doors to the public on September 17, 2010.

Shannon Houghton – From Helicopters to Jetpacks: Using Your Geeky Powers for Good, Not Evil, at Your Kid’s School @MsHoughton

You’ve procreated and now your spawn has entered the education system. How can you help support your kid reach their superhero potential without being the overbearing helicopter parent that teachers talk about in the staff room?

Elementary Gifted/Talented teacher Shannon Houghton will detail the top three actions you can take to help navigate the world of parent-educator relations. You’ll be ready to strap on your jetpack in no time.

About Shannon

Shannon Houghton
Shannon Houghton is an energetic and intense elementary school teacher in the Federal Way School District. A metro Detroit native and public school graduate, Shannon believes all students have the right to a rigorous and relevant education that will prepare them to do what they love for the rest of their lives.

You can find Shannon on Twitter @MsHoughton.

UPDATE: The Ignite Seattle Challenge mentioned in Shannon’s Ignite talk was fully funded in two weeks. Thank you everyone who contributed.

Jen Waak – How a Keyboard Athlete Climbed Kilimanjaro

Climbing one of the seven summits takes more brains than brawn.

Find out how this self-proclaimed Keyboard Athlete, non-camper, and non-hiker put her research and Energy Bank manipulation skills to work to out-think Kilimanjaro and make it to the summit with energy to spare.

About Jen

Jen Waak is a wellness coach in Seattle, WA and author of Keyboard Athletes Guide to Pain Relief and Prevention. A recovering management consultant herself, Jen loves teaching entrepreneurs and other crazy-busy professionals how to have more energy, relieve common aches and pains, alleviate computer eyes, and genuinely feel AWESOME.

You can find Jen on Twitter @jenwaak.

Molly Nixon – mousonomics

Almost all of the medical advances we enjoy today were first tested in mice. Most what we know about human physiology was first studied in mice. However, the general public’s understanding of lab mice is usually limited to a few characteristics – they’re white, and they’re probably trying to take over the world.

In truth, all mice are not created equal (many of them aren’t even white!). Over the past century an entire industry has developed that is devoted entirely to the creation and production of lab mice. My talk will cover the factors that make some mice more useful than others, and the mouse-industrial complex that exists to meet the needs of modern science.

About Molly Nixon

You can find Molly on Twitter @thebeastieswee.