Kathryn Downie: Why My Face is Bright Red

You know you’ve conquered stage fright when you give an Ignite talk. At Ignite 24, Kathryn Downie explains how she made it happen.

“Stage fright sucks, but hopefully this talk will make it suck a little bit less. Like many people, Kathryn Downie tends to turn into a splotchy, shaky mess when she is in the spotlight. After a brief review of why this physical response is so common, she discusses what you can do to prevent it and how to control the damage if it happens anyway.”

Kathryn Downie is a communications consultant and recovering debate geek. She loves to help people tell compelling stories and is on Twitter at @KathrynKDownie.

David Hulton: Hacker camps!

What happens when you take geeks outdoors? David Hulton shared the history of hacker camps at Ignite 24.

“This talk covers the brief history of Hacker Camps, why the community they create is so special and unique compared to other tech conferences, and share a little bit about the US hacker camp, ToorCamp, that happens every 2 years in Seattle’s back yard.”

Since the late 90’s David Hulton has been organizing the ToorCon line of hacker conferences ranging from events at convention centers, night clubs, beach resorts, missile silos, and recently Antarctica. He also co-owns and baristas at Ada’s Technical Books & Cafe and in his full time breaks unbreakable crypto with FPGAs.

Surviving as an Introvert in an Extroverted World – Jonathon Colman

What exactly *is* introversion? It’s commonly misunderstood as shyness or a misanthropic desire to be left alone. Many extroverts mistakenly assume that introverts hate them. And that’s simply not true (well, most of the time). And many introverts think that there’s something wrong with themselves, something broken that they can’t seem to fix. And that’s not true, either.

We can do better. In this talk from Ignite Seattle 19, Jonathon Colman dishes on what introversion is, what it isn’t, and specific tactics to hack ourselves and our interactions with others in order to survive in our extroverted world.

Jonathon Colman is a content strategist, SEO & Internet marketer, speaker, and Returned Peace Corps Volunteer living (and drinking coffee) in Seattle, Washington. For over 15 years he’s helped people and organizations build, find, and use the best stuff on the Web.

You can reach him at www.jonathoncolman.org.

Networking: The RPG – (or Everything I Need to Know About Networking I Learned From Playing D&D) – Adam Philipp

Are you a geek? An Introvert? Afraid of the crowds? Not sure what they will make of you? But you still want to connect with people? Then you want to play: NETWORKING, The Role Playing Game.

On your very first dungeon/networking event you can go out and:

  • slay kobolds (meet technical recruiters)
  • fend off orcs (accountants and lawyers)
  • drink healing/mana/attribute potions (wine/beer/whiskey)
  • collect loot (contact information!)
  • equip your character (get dressed up and ad props)
  • form parties (agree to meet up with someone again)
  • level up (move on to talking with speakers or higher level dungeons)
  • If you apply all the skills you honed with years of playing: D&D, GammaWorld, Top Secret, etc., you will find that networking is just another great RPG except the characters are really well developed and the GameMaster is not so scary. Let’s go out and play!

    Adam Philipp (@MyPatents) is tech-savvy patent attorney and the founder of ÆON Law (), a high tech IP law firm in Seattle. Adam has a penchant for connecting with the tech community and does not hide his love of meeting smart people. He can usually be picked out at events as the lawyer with the glowing name badge.