Shannon Houghton – From Helicopters to Jetpacks: Using Your Geeky Powers for Good, Not Evil, at Your Kid’s School @MsHoughton

You’ve procreated and now your spawn has entered the education system. How can you help support your kid reach their superhero potential without being the overbearing helicopter parent that teachers talk about in the staff room?

Elementary Gifted/Talented teacher Shannon Houghton will detail the top three actions you can take to help navigate the world of parent-educator relations. You’ll be ready to strap on your jetpack in no time.

About Shannon

Shannon Houghton
Shannon Houghton is an energetic and intense elementary school teacher in the Federal Way School District. A metro Detroit native and public school graduate, Shannon believes all students have the right to a rigorous and relevant education that will prepare them to do what they love for the rest of their lives.

You can find Shannon on Twitter @MsHoughton.

UPDATE: The Ignite Seattle Challenge mentioned in Shannon’s Ignite talk was fully funded in two weeks. Thank you everyone who contributed.

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