Ignite Seattle 7 Recap

Ignite Seattle 5 - Mission Control
Despite temperatures rising a little higher than we would have liked, Ignite Seattle 7 was certainly our biggest and may have been the best Ignite Seattle yet.

Attendance-wise, we broke a record, with just a hair under 700 people in attendance. Additionally, we had a bunch of folks watching our first ever live video stream (courtesy of Bryan Zug at Lilipip).

Ignite 7 around the web

Great event summary from Anthony Stevens – Ignite Seattle 7 Recap and Review
Randy Stewart – Ignite Seattle 7 in Photos
Ted Leung – Flickr photoset

From our speakers

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who spoke at Ignite 7. We couldn’t have Ignite without fantastic speakers and we are privileged to have funny, intelligent (and brief) speakers who are willing to entertain and inform us.

Finally, thank you to the audience who brought their friends, told their relatives and snuck out of the house on a Monday night just to join us. Our speakers would be talking to themselves without you 🙂 Seriously though, the best thing about Ignite is that YOU could be one of our next speakers.

We’ll be back in the fall for the next Ignite event. We’ll keep you posted on the blog and on Twitter as to the exact date. Until then, we’ll be posting videos of last night’s event to fill the void.

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