Wow.. Again! Thank-you!

Leo Dirac talking about hte future of the world

We packed over 400 people into the CHAC last night to watch 32 Egg Slams and 22 talks. 20 eggs were broken and 436 slides were shown. Thanks to everyone who attended, volunteered, slammed, sponsored, and/or spoke.

The videos and presentations will be available for download shortly. In the meantime upload your photos to our Flickr Group.

We heard your feedback and we will have more room next time. We also have some ideas for how we can tighten up the program. If you have any feedback put it in the comments.

6 thoughts on “Wow.. Again! Thank-you!”

  1. Thanks for an amazing event with Ingite Deux. The talks were interesting but the networking opportunities were what made it worth my while.

    Looking forward for the next Ignite



  2. Brady..thanks for a great event. For an event only on it’s second iteration you guys put on a great show. We look forward over here at IdentityMine in continuing to support Ignite as it grows. Thanks again!


  3. great event.

    couple of suggetions. speaker meetups. it wanted to followup with a couple of speakers, but couldn’t find them in the crowd. with more space (nice problem) Have numbers 1 to 6 spread around the venue, each speaker then goes to their number for the break following each round. this way folks can find that guy from the 3rd talk and get a card, ask a question, buy um a beer…

    keep it up


  4. What a fun and informative event. It was great meeting new people and I hope to make more friends next time and the next time and the next time and even the next time after that.

    Oh yeah, thanks for the magnets MS Live 🙂 (Must stop playing word games)


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