Little Last Minute Details

I just wanted to layout the night’s schedule again and make sure everyone knows the details:

5:00 – The space opens. There is WiFi, food (at Crave), and drink in the building. (We may ask you for help with set-up)
6:30Egg Slam begins!

8:30 – The Ask Later talks begin (See the schedule)

9:30 – Second Round of Ask Later talks

10:30 – Third Round of Ask Later talks.

And to re-iterate some things:

  • Ignite is free.
  • People under the age of eighteen are welcome until 10:00 PM.
  • We are upstairs at the CHAC (a newly remodeled space). The space has room for ~400 people (we have no idea how many will be coming).
  • There is a bar available.
  • Bre and I can’t wait!


4 thoughts on “Little Last Minute Details”

  1. Hey Brady and Bre (B&B!) Thanks for a great evening. You really have hit a great form – the packed room is proof!

    What about a themed one – chocolate and technology? EVIL GRIN

    Or change up the format – no word slides, or pantomime? I really think this has such boundless possibilities. The creating of constraints to stimulate creativity and knowledge sharing.


  2. It was a blast. With the combo of the Make event and Ask Later, this could become quite the phenom. I love the 15 second rule. It definitely makes you think a little. My recommendation would be to stick to it for a bit. I do like Nancy’s ideas of themes. Maybe session 3 has to fit a pre-selected theme. For examples – Give a talk in reverse order or something like that.


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