We were lucky to have them

We were lucky to have Hillel Cooperman (pictured) of Jackson Fish Market join us at Ignite Deux. He agreed to join the lineup the night before the event (thanks Hillel!) and gave an amazing presentation entitled “Life is Short: How to Make Every Meal an Opportunity for a Memorable Experience”. Hillel’s talk was based on his food blog Tasting Menu, one of the top food blogs in Seattle. A video of his talk and his slides will be available soon (at the same time as everyone else’s).

Here is a second update on the speaker list for Ignite Deux. Marc Hedlund of Wesabe and Radar was originally scheduled to speak at Ignite. He was not able to make it. He told me this well in advance and I just never made an announcement on the blog (sorry!). We hope that he will be able to make it to a future Ignite. (someone asked about this in the comments and I realized that I hadn’t made this announcement — sorry for the bait-n-switch.)
Update: I have removed this photo of Hillel Cooperman. I hadn’t checked the rights on the photo before posting (sloppy of me) and the photographer has asked that I remove it (well within his rights!) as he has them marked for non-commercial use only all-rights reserved. Sorry Michal!

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