Ignite #37 Preview: How to Thru-Hike Without Suffering

We’ve all had days where we want to just throw in the towel, grab a backpack, and disappear into the woods. But then we think about camping every night. And rain. And where do we find food? And what was the trick to keeping bears away again?

Well, if you want the long-term hiking experience without the pain and suffering, Beth Jusino has a hot tip for you. Check out the Camino de Santiago, a network of ancient trails through Western Europe.

She’ll tell you how to get away from it all for weeks (or months?), while still eating good food, sleeping in a bed, and living on just a few dollars a day.

This is part of a series previewing the talks we’ll be hosting at Ignite Seattle #37. Interested? Get your tickets, but make it quick: Ignite Seattle sells out.

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