Ignite #37 Preview: Translating Earth’s Historical Record

Most Ignite Seattle attendees are aware that Earth’s climate is warming (we hope) but speaker Elisa Bonnin wants to know the grim details. What will our future look like? To answer that question, Elissa, a graduate student in Chemical Oceanography, looks to the past.

Earth’s climate has changed drastically before… humans just weren’t around to see it. What were? A type of tiny, primitive creatures called Foraminifera. In her talk, Elisa will explain how we can use the shells they left behind (as tiny as four human hairs stuck together!) to learn more about the future we all face.

This is part of a series previewing the talks we’ll be hosting at Ignite Seattle #37. Interested? Get your tickets, but make it quick: Ignite Seattle sells out.

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