Next Ignite Postponed

Wanted to let you all know that we’re postponing our next Ignite that was scheduled for March 1st with a new date TBD. We’ll post the new date as soon as we can. Apologies for any confusion.

As a purely volunteer organization, it’s sometimes harder than it looks to coordinate everything that goes into making a great Ignite. This go around work/family/life caught up to us and rather than do event 1/2-way, we thought it’d be better to postpone.

In the mean time, we’ve opened submissions back up for our next event in the mysterious future. If you have a talk idea, go submit now! NOTE: if you’ve already submitted, there is no need to submit again.

7 thoughts on “Next Ignite Postponed”

  1. My Bryan – curious if you’ve rescheduled Ignite yet? If not, what’s the holdup… maybe the community can help.


  2. Hello!

    Checking in to see when the remaining video’s from the Seattle Ignite on Dec 7, 2011 will be posted?

    Thank you,


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