Ignite Seattle 16 is TONIGHT!

We’re super excited about our list of our lineup for the tonight’s Ignite Seattle. We’re back once again at the King Cat Theatre. The event starts at 7pm and speakers go on stage at 8:30.

And now, presented in no particular order, our speakers for Ignite Seattle 16.

Ignite Seattle 16 Speakers

Rich Lengsavath (bigstove) Lean Food Startups: Beyond Food Trucks
It has been said that the best way to make a small fortune in the food business is to start with a large one. Restaurant failure rates are downright depressing. Considering most food businesses start with zero clients and a massive loan payment, the results are not surprising.

Imagine a world where chefs could try their hand at creating amazing restaurant experiences without raising capital or spending their life savings. Imagine a world where test kitchens abound like concert venues, and chefs “play” at popup restaurants like rockstars at a concert.

Shannon Houghton (@MsHoughton) From Helicopters to Jetpacks: Using Your Geeky Powers for Good, Not Evil, at Your Kid’s School
You’ve procreated and now your spawn has entered the education system. How can you help support your kid reach their superhero potential without being the overbearing helicopter parent that teachers talk about in the staff room?

Elementary Gifted/Talented teacher Shannon Houghton will detail the top three actions you can take to help navigate the world of parent-educator relations. You’ll be ready to strap on your jetpack in no time.

Hillel Cooperman (@hillel) I give you permission to be a shitty parent.
I expose the secret world of parenting that nobody ever tells you about.

Brady Forrest (@brady) Art of Burning Man
Why do people spend all year making art for a temporary city? Why is it a good thing? And what can we do to bring that creativity back to the city?

Alyssa Royse The Math Of Love
How many times have you been baffled by your partners response to something that you did? Or had to deal with emotional phrases like “you just don’t seem to value me,” and had no idea where THAT came from. Good news, there’s a math for that.

I’ll take some common relationship “drama” and show you how you can use math to predict it, and fix it. Easy as pie. After all, a relationship is made up of the sum of its parts.

But be warned: the math is right, but that doesn’t mean you are.

Beth Kolko (@bkolko) Break All the Rules, Save the World
Hackers, Makers, DIYers, Tinkerers….these are the people who are inspiring innovation and creative breakthroughs. This is a talk about what happens when innovation and expertise clash, and when too much experience just gets in the way of the New.

Truly disruptive technologies – the game-changers that freak everyone out – increasingly come from the un-credentialed and the de-institutionalized. Get out of academia and industry research labs and look at what amazing things are being built by the folks who make their own gold stars. Get ready for Hackademia.

Pablos Holman (@pablos) 3D Printing Food

Nathaniel James (@james_nathaniel) Awesome Foundation: Micro-philanthropy for Macro-Impact
Awesome Foundation makes monthly micro-genius grants. Our Trustees donate $100 every month and collectively award a $1000 grant to the best project idea that comes through our very simple online application. Grants can go to individuals, non-profits or for-profit organizations. Awesome Foundation was founded in Boston in 2009 and has since spread to over 20 cities in North America, Europe and Australia. Seattle Awesome Foundation gave out its first grant last night (public announcement coming Monday).

Jen Waak (@jenwaak) How a Keyboard Athlete Climbed Kilimanjaro
Climbing one of the seven summits takes more brains than brawn.

Find out how this self-proclaimed Keyboard Athlete, non-camper, and non-hiker put her research and Energy Bank manipulation skills to work to out-think Kilimanjaro and make it to the summit with energy to spare.

Steven Stone (Sound_Spirits) Ignite Booze – The Creation of Sound Spirits Distillery
Head Distiller Steven Stone talks about the launch of Sound Spirits, Seattle’s First Craft Distillery since Prohibition

Matt May (mattmay) Extemporaneous Speaking: Enlightening people quickly, beyond Ignite
Extemporaneous speaking is one of the most valuable life skills you could have learned in high school. Extemp combines research, persuasion and presentation skills with a random subject and a 30-minute deadline.

Did you miss out? Learn how you can be an informed, effective advocate for your cause, on a tight schedule, with the right preparation.

To prove it can be done, the talk itself will be prepared on the evening of Ignite Seattle 16, in 30 minutes, from a blank slide deck.

Tiberio Simone (cheftiberio) Pleasure Activism 101
Chef Tiberio Simone – author of La Figa: Visions of Food and Form – lives a life devoted to bringing pleasure to others. His motto is “I love everybody – and you are next.” In this talk, you will learn how you too can become a Pleasure Activist.

Dominica DeGrandis (@dominicad) Kanban – wtf?
Kanban may well be the latest buzzword in software development and IT services, but what the hell is it? Kanban explained in 300 seconds by Dominica DeGrandis, member of the 1st US IT team to implement Kanban – ironically, at a local Seattle media company.

Maria Moses (@docksidecoop) Reefer Madness: Fact & Fable from the Medical Cannabis Industry.
A cannabis co-op owner provides the inside scoop on the true nature of the controversial and ever-changing world of medical marijuana.

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