Jason Quick – The Juggling Act of Life

As a professional one-armed juggler and inspirational speaker, I strive to make every show about an important aspect of being human in relationship with other humans. I am a juggling geek, a relationship geek, and a circus freak who loves to juxtapose the tragic with the comic in order to bring the audience to a new balance within the dialectics that define our lives: comfort and pain, self and community, task and maintenance, love and fear…I will make of these five minutes something you will never forget.

About Jason Quick

Jason is a performing artist, inspirational speaker and circus arts teacher. There is very little that he likes more than overcoming interesting obstacles that challenge the ways that people limit themselves; in this endeavor his handicap becomes a fortunate gift. You can find out more about his work at jasonquick.net.

One thought on “Jason Quick – The Juggling Act of Life”

  1. Just played it backward and it’s not worth it. The message changed to “Sit around and watch TV”, “Back down to from your fears and ignore your dreams”, and “Why do anything that might make you sweat?” The audience laughter was okay though. “Ha,ha,ha” flipped to “ah ,ah, aH” which was interestingly positive.


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