Amanda Shumack – What is all the Hoopla?

Amanda (aka Sirin) will talk of the hooping sub-culture and how this modern take on an old fitness craze has taken a very new and different look. It’s become such an addiction to some that they’ve built careers out of hooping, branched off the sub-culture into sub-sub-cultures such as fire hooping, hoop yoga, hoop aerobics and hoop dancing.

About Amanda Straub

Amanda is a software developer who fell in love with this big circular toy over two years ago while she was looking for a fun new fitness regiment. Hoop dance has become a permanent past time for her, and you can usually find her in the parks around Seattle when the weather is nice with a big stack of hula hoops to share. As a Seattle “hoop ambassador,” Amanda teaches hoop dance classes, makes hoops in her spare time, and generally loves spreading hoop love in her wake.

You can find her on Twitter @amandahoops.

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