Erfon Elijah – My secret life as a celebrity twitter impostor

I’m the founder of the indie clothing brand Might Tees and a writer for the technology website I’m also an aspiring speaker, which is what led me to tell my story at Ignite 13.

Two years ago, for about 5 months, I lived a secret double life. It was at that time that, though some celebrities were beginning to embrace twitter, most still didn’t know what it was and weren’t using it. There were no verified accounts, no way to know who was who.

So, as a joke, and as a homage to one of my favorite actors, I donned my internet mask and starting tweeting under the guise of Neil Patrick Harris, or as my eventual 25k followers came to know me, @therealnph.

To be honest, when I started the account, I didn’t think anyone would follow me or care. After all, I wasn’t actually impersonating Neil and his real life, I was acting more as a caricature. I had decided to take on the character he played in the Harold And Kumar movies. I tweeted about absurd drug benders, outrageous partying escapades, and sexual conquests and escapades.

Boy, was I wrong….

What occurred between the account’s inception and eventual shutdown by twitter (twice!) was a wild ride fueled by controversy, tweets from actors Nathan Fillion, Felicia Day, and even a direct message from Late Night’s Jimmy Fallon.

I’ve never told the story publicly, and would like to recount my adventure for all the world to judge at the feb 13 ignite.

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