Beth Goza – Not so down and out in the Magic Kingdom

I’m definitely not the first or the last person to spend a significant amount of time at Disney World alone. However, I’m probably one of the few people who has dissected every aspect of my trip to discover what amazing secret benefits there are to doing the Disney solo. From the “single rider line” to “crowd parkour” there are definitely some perks to being a party of one. I’ll be sharing all these benefits as well as some snapshots of this last visit (benefit #62: you can stop any time you like to take as many pictures as you want). Finally, and probably the best benefit of all, I discovered that I can pretty much do anything on my own and still have a seriously kick-ass time doing it.

About Beth

Beth is a self-described gadget loving, game playing, movie junkie who reads, skis, knits, sews, solders and spends far too much time on the internet. She lives in the Seattle neighborhood of Wallingford with her dog, Willie and cat, Pixel and loves to have people over to @casagoza for a night of German Board games or yet another viewing of the *real* Star Wars trilogy (complete with rifftrax). Follower her adventures by following @bethgo!

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