Ignite Seattle Returns!

After over a year on hiatus, Ignite Seattle is back, at a new venue (thanks to the King Cat Theater) on April 29th. Same as before, we’ll have 16 speakers – talks will be limited to 5 minutes a piece each 20 slides, so that’s 15 seconds a slide. It always goes faster than you think.

Right now, we’re looking for speakers – we have a form setup for you to apply in this post below.

We’re taking talk submissions from everyone — whether this is your first time or whether you’ve done an Ignite talk before.

Topics usually tend towards web 2.0, startups, life hacks, etc., but it can really be about anything that would appeal to a roomful of tech geeks and Internet junkies. Some of the favorite talks from last year included Hacking the Technical Interview and A Pseudoscience Guide to Geek Dating. You can view all of the recent talks on the Ignite Seattle YouTube channel.

We’re taking submissions until April 16th, and they’re accepted on a rolling basis, so submit early. We look forward to seeing you on the 29th!

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