Submit Talks for Ignite Seattle on 8/8; Speak at Gnomedex!

The next Ignite Seattle is August 8th at the CHAC. At the last one we had over 350 people throw hundreds of paper airplanes at a hula-hoop and watch 16 great talks. Watch the videos (from Bryan Zug) to see some excellent speakers talk about things like The Science And Art Of Naming and Tamasheq Technology Living La Vie Nomad.  RSVP at Upcoming.

The evening will be a combination of a contest and Ignite talks. This time we are doing something special and we’re going to have a contest amongst the speakers. We’re also going to use voting to select four of the Ignite talks on the Main Stage. These four talks will get a chance to do their Ignite talks at Gnomedex, Chris Pirillo’s Seattle-based event. Submit your talk here.

Specifically, we are going to have 16 Ask Later talks. These talks will each be 5 minutes long with 20 slides and only 15 seconds a slide. Anyone who did not speak at the last Ignite is welcome to speak. We are going to use Mozes to select the Gnomedex talks.

Topics should fall in the realm of web 2.0 technology, entrepreneurship, life hacks, or something else that you think a room full of internet junkies will appreciate. Stories and lessons work better than product demos.

Talks submissions are due by July 30th (though it is better to get in earlier than later as I select them on a rolling basis). All talks will be selected by August 3rd.

Here are some of the selected talks:

  • Shawn Murphy Hacking Chocolate
    Anybody can create interesting and new chocolates with some basic ingredients, imagination and a little technique.
  • Deepak SinghSmall medicine: Nanotechnology and biology
    The start of the art in the applications of nanotechnology to healthcare and medicine
  • Elan Lee My Clothes Tell Secrets
    Examples of storytelling and entertainment embedded in the fabric of the clothes we wear.

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