Pre-Ignite Contest

Back when Ignite first lit up the Seattle scene, Bre Pettis used to run a pre-ignite contest just to get things warmed up. We are bringing back that tradition for the next Ignite, and everyone is invited to participate.

The game is simple, the rules are few, and it will be a contest of pure creativity and engineering prowess.  Your materials are 5 sheets of paper, a roll of tape, and a pair of scissors. Gather your team and start cutting, folding, rolling and taping until you have the tallest freestanding tower you can manage. When time is called, step away and cross your fingers!

There are only two rules:

  1. you can’t use anything other then the paper and tape provided
  2. your construction cannot be taped to the floor (or any other part of the theater for that matter)

Whichever team has the tallest structure standing when the Judges come around wins, and there will be prizes.

We will provide the tape and paper, just bring some friends and a pair of scissors (no running please). Contest will begin at 7:30  so you will have time to finish and clean up before the talks get started at 8:30.

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