There Has Never Been Stranger Love Than This Before

Igntie got noticed by the Stranger. Woot! Maybe Dan Savage will give an Ignite talk next time. Their sight unseen description of the event is one of the best yet…

And while geeks also tend to be socially awkward, we still want them to kick some ass designing our software and answering difficult questions—but stop talking after a few minutes. Well, Ignite Seattle is a bi-monthly event for geeks to stand before a few hundred of us regular folk, share their esoteric brilliance, and then shut the fuck up. Tonight features 16 mercifully brief lectures, including the future of nanotechnology in healthcare and iPhone mind control. I haven’t been to an Ignite Seattle yet, but it draws up to 400 people and the full bar makes it sound a fuckload better than reading Wired.

I hope tonight’s show lives up to their high expectations. One note: we are more of a haphazardly quarterly event than bi-monthly.

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