Paper Airplanes Challenge

This Thursday night, we’re going to be making paper airplanes! We’ll have paper, markers, and scotch tape for you to make your own paper airplane and decorate it with hot rod flames or butterfly wing designs. You’ll then have to throw it across the room through a hoola-hoop on stage. If your airplane makes it through, you’ll move on to the next round! No paperclips, stones, lead weights, or just crumpling a piece of paper up into a ball and throwing it through the hoop!

Paper airplane building starts officially at 6:30 with the throwing beginning at 7:30. Do you have some mad crazy awesome paper airplane folding skills or just like to make cool airplanes? Stick a piece of duck tape to your chest where you would normally put a name tag. That’s the secret sign that folks will be looking for when they need an expert to teach them how to make a sweet paper airplane! (Duck tape will be provided)

Bring safety glasses, you enter the paper airplane zone at your own risk. Safety glasses are the new black!

Do you know of any resources for awesome paper airplanes? Put links in the comments! I’ve got a paper airplane design that a red headed gal taught me how to make in the first grade. I’m going to reproduce this design and upload it to the Make: Flickr Pool later. If you’ve got a tried and true design, find a way to document it and upload it to the pool too!

After the paper airplane madness, Brady, who writes for the Radar blog has a ton of awesome speakers lined up for the ask later presentations!

As always, there will be a bar where you can buy drinks and there will be lots of chit chat and hanging out. It’s a great place to go up to someone and ask them, “What do you make?”

Seattle geeks, nerds, and makers unite at Seattle Ignite!

(Photo Credit: Global Hermit)

6 thoughts on “Paper Airplanes Challenge”

  1. Hey I am the owner of, I live on the west coast (US) now and am also a life long geek. This was an awesome idea guys and if you want any tips for a future event or whatever I would love to help out. Making paper airplanes is fun!


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