Ignite’s Scotto Moore’s Play About Near-Omnipotent Botnets

Scotto Moore has been Ignite Seattle’s Artist-In-Residence for the past year. His latest talk was during Global Ignite Week on the future of pens (Remember, horde pens! You will need them in the future). Scotto has released a near-future, sci-fi play with Annex Theatre (map). It’s called “When I Come to My Senses, I’m Alive!“.

As Annex describes it:

“When I Come To My Senses, I’m Alive!” is a near-future sci-fi story about a technological provocateur who invents a method for capturing emotions as digital information, as part of a project to “chart the emotional genome.” She develops a cult following of fans who download her very addictive “emoticlips” – each delivered with cryptic, poetic file names like “the surprise of an unfamiliar memory” – and play them back in hobby-built receiver helmets. The experience is not full blown virtual reality; instead, emotional responses & sensations are triggered, and each fan experiences something unique. A seedy television executive tries to coopt her technology to syndicate the emotions of TV stars, hiring an elite P.I. to figure out what her weaknesses are when she refuses to sell out… but in the meantime, publishing digital versions of her emotions to the internet has unexpected consequences amongst the botnets of the world.

It’s playing the next two weekends on Capitol Hill. I’ve already seen it (and loved it) — you should go too!

Here’s the trailer:

Scotto Moore’s Digital Fairy Tale, CPU

Ignite Seattle Artist-in-Residence, Scotto Moore’s gives us his latest work, “CPU” which he describes as “a cautionary tale about the dangers of modern neural malware.” Updating those virus definitions will never feel quite the same.

About Scotto Moore

Scotto Moore is a writer, director and technologist. You can find him at Scotto.org. His next play, “When I Come to My Senses, I’m Alive,” will be at the Annex Theatre April 23 – May 22, 2010.

Some praise for CPU:

  • “tweeting grinds to a halt as the ignite digital fairy tale told by scotto moore holds people spellbound at #gnomedex”
  • “Last Ignite speaker Scotto Moore offers a very entertaining Charlie Kaufman-esque talk. Great!”
  • “Awesome last Ignite talk – human as virus-hobbled computer. Moving.”
  • “Loving the last Ignite talk. Absolute best of the series IMO.”

Intangible Method (a digital fairy tale) – Scotto Moore

Scotto Moore takes us into a digital fairy tale about a young woman who realizes that first person video footage from her own life is being posted to YouTube – before the events actually occur in real life.

Surreal fantasy or could it really happen? You’ll not want to miss this gem from one of Ignite Seattle’s recurring cast of characters.

About Scotto Moore

You can find Scotto Moore on his Web site at scotto.org.