Create a Metalcasting Foundry in Your Garage – David Cole

David’s pitch:

I’ve recently discovered sand-casting, which is a very cheap and very awesome way of casting metal parts at home. You can make your own car parts, robot parts, science projects or artistic sculptures – anything!

About David Cole

David Cole - Ignite Seattle 9During the day, you can find David at Phinney Bischoff Design House where he works as a graphic designer. David creates and sells jewelry on the side – including goldsmithing and custom engagement rings, you can find more about his work at at and in his Flickr feed.

You can find David on Twitter @davidscole.

Atoms to Bits – David Albrecht

David’s pitch:

My friends and I spent a few months developing a low cost USB peripheral which allows people with cerebral palsy to use computers. Ill detail our solution, explain our design process and demonstrate how low the bar (financial & technical) really is for getting started with hardware hacking.

About David Albrecht

David Albrecht - Ignite Seattle 9David Albrecht is an engineer living in Seattle. David’s company, Prefiat, develops cloud-powered hardware.

The Future & Ball-Point Pens – Harold Carlton

How robots have revolutionized ball point pen manufacturing. Without robots we’d still be using pencils! Bah! Who wants pencils?

About Scotto Moore

You can find Scotto Moore on his Web site at His most recent show, “When I Come to My Senses, I’m Alive,” just finished a run at the Annex Theater.

Things you dont want to hear: Your Wife has Breast Cancer – Todd Sawicki

Todd’s pitch

There’s no real good way to break the news, as Katie and I have learned – we just found out Katie has breast cancer. We’ve been telling the world since well before everyone could see from Katie’s baldness what was going on. And we learned a lot about how to tell people that you or someone important in your life has cancer.


Editor’s Note: All of us at Ignite Seattle extend our thoughts and well wishes to Todd and his family as they work through this difficult time.


About Todd Sawicki

Todd Sawicki - Ignite Seattle 9

Todd Sawicki is a veteran of numerous tech startups, but lately, you can find him around Cheezburger HQ as Chief Revenue Officer. When he’s not saying “OH HAI” to advertisers, you can find him on Twitter or on his blog.

Papier Mâché 3.0 – Dan Reeder

Renowned author and creator, Dan Reeder brings us the state of the art in papier mâché and the monsters he wants you to make.


About Dan Reeder

Dan Reeder - Ignite Seattle 9You can find Dan on Twitter @DanMonsterMan or on his site Gourmet Paper Mache, which contains “quasi-instructional videos” coupled with detailed instructions on his blog.


How to Have An Argument – Mónica Guzmán & Jason Preston

Accomplished contrarians, Ignite alums, and fiancées, Jason and Mónica will share the secrets of how to have an argument that doesn’t involve legal fees. Their talk also marks an Ignite first, a tag team talk.

About Jason Preston

Jason is currently the Director Jason Preston and Mónica Guzmán - Ignite Seattle 9of New Media at Parnassus Group, the company responsible for the 140 | The Twitter Conference. You can find Jason on Twitter at Jasonp107, on his blog or sharing his gaming expertise on his site, l33tsauce.

About Mónica Guzmán

Mónica Guzmán - Ignite Seattle 7
Mónica Guzmán is a reporter for the Seattle PI‘s Big Blog You can find her on Twitter @moniguzman.