How To Not Suck At Pinball – Greg Dunlap

Pinball rules. Everyone loves to play. However everyone also loves to win, and the fact is pinball is hard. Luckily, getting better at pinball … not great but respectable … is actually pretty easy.

In this talk Greg Dunlap goes over the basics that will help you propel your game to the next level.

About Greg Dunlap

Greg Dunlap - Ignite Seattle 8
When Greg isn’t not at Shorty’s in Belltown, you can find him as a developer at You can find Greg at his Web site, his Drupal blog and on Twitter @heyrocker.

You can find more about how to get better at pinball at and from the Pinball 101 video, both mentioned in Greg’s talk.

Fighting Dirty in Scrabble – Mehal Shah

Scrabble isn’t a game of who can get the best 6 letter words. It’s a game of points and squeezing 2 letter terms into corners. Mehal Shah takes us through clean (and sometimes dirty) ways to win at Scrabble.

Some of his tips include:

  • Thinking of Scrabble as a numbers game, instead of a word game
  • Learning how to double the value of every tile you play
  • Shutting down the board and holding on to every point you can get
  • Learning how to bluff effectively
  • Learning how to fake a bluff effectively
  • Using your opponents knowledge to trick them
  • Using foreign languages to psych out your opponent

About Mehal Shah

Mehal Shah - Ignite Seattle 7Mehal Shah is a software engineer at You can find Mehal on his blog, on Twitter and his photos on Flickr. Mehal did a great post about his experience speaking at Ignite.

(Note: most of this post was gratuitously copied and pasted from Brady’s post on