Ignite Archives: Elan Lee: How to Not Be Bored

During this week leading up to Ignite Seattle: 12, we’re going to be posting some of the best videos from previous events!

The first one is from Elan Lee. He is one of the founders of 42 Entertainment, and he when he spoke he told the audience what his thought on people’s lives: “If you’re bored – you’re doing it wrong!”

I Wish I Was Taller – Elan Lee

Software and hardware developers spend a lot of time combing through the flaws and defects that their products have. But what about their own flaws and defects? Is it as simple as filing a bug?

Elan Lee had always wanted to be taller. Here’s his story of the attempts to fix his bug.

About Elan Lee

Elan Lee - Ignite Gnomedex 2009Game designer and storyteller, Elan Lee has made a career keeping people entertained. He is a founder of Fourth Wall Studios, where he currently serves as Chief Designer. When he’s not creating Alternate Reality Games, you can find him on Twitter at @elanlee

Elan gave the talk “Life – if you’re bored, you’re doing it wrong” at Ignite Seattle 4.