The Next Ignite Challenge

In honor of Global Ignite Week, we’re trying something a little amibitious – mousetrap car races! For the Ignite Challenge, we will be pitting cars against each other to see who can get across the King Cat stage fastest.

Enter as a team or an individual. You are encouraged to build your car ahead of time – heck, you could even bring multiple cars. We’ll be holding two workshop nights at Metrix Create:Space in Capitol Hill – Sunday, January 16th and Sunday, January 30th. Some materials will be provided, but you can bring whatever you want, so long as the mousetrap is the sole source of power. For those that prefer to wait until the last minute, you will also have a chance to build a car at Ignite Seattle on February 10th.

So get cracking! There’s tons of resources on the web, including a fantastic how-to. Thirty seconds of Googling should help you find some of the tips and tricks. Remember, we’re building for speed, not distance. Check back on this blog over the next month for updates.