Live Stream


20 thoughts on “Live Stream”

  1. In the future, I vote for a Twitter hashtag just for the camera people so that we can tell them where we want to look :-P. A little to the left please! No wait back to the right!


  2. I would like to know more on how to sign up to be a speaker. What are the dead lines and what are the topics. I have just heard about this.


  3. I walked down to the event (about half a block) and gave a listen. The audio processing gives a really strange effect and makes it rather difficult to hear what the speaker is saying. It sounds like a strange mix of “noise cancelling” , Autotune, and echo. The streaming that I’ve hear tonight sounds ok, but in person there’s too much processing distortion. I’m a tech generalist and as such would be glad to lend a hand if you think it would be of help. I stand behind your efforts 100%.


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