Speaker Info Page

Putting Together Slides

Slides due 1 week prior to the event, @ Noon.

You must have exactly 20 slides, with no audio/video. They will change every 15 seconds.

  • Please name your slides: name_title
  • Make sure it is in Powerpoint format (.ppt or .pptx)
  • You cannot make any changes after the deadline, because we will already have the final deck.
  • Your slides will advance automatically after 15 seconds. (We will edit this in.)
  • You will have a confidence monitor so that you can see your slides (but it will NOT show your speaker notes).


  • The best presentations rely on the speaker, not large blocks of text. We recommend lots of images and no more than 3-5 words per slide.
  • Practice! You’ll be surprised how fast the time goes. I recommend that you keep talking until your slide transitions.
  • No notes on stage. 🙂
  • Please watch previous Ignite Seattle talks.
  • Check out Scott Berkun’s suggestions as an Ignite Talk or text.
  • Practice!

One more thing: The crowd will love you! You’ll be basking in it. 🙂

The Night of the Show


Town Hall Seattle
1119 8th Avenue (at Seneca Street)
Seattle WA 98101

There is no on-site parking. Read Town Hall’s parking recommendations.

When you arrive, please head upstairs to the theater level (you can bring your +1). You’ll be able to store your things in the greenroom, and reserve seats.


Please arrive by 6:30pm. You can arrive earlier if you’d like to practice on the stage, but absolutely no earlier than 4:00pm.

We’ll run you through final speaking logistics at about 6:45pm.

Seating in the theater opens at 7:00pm, and talks start at 7:30pm.

We will not have a final speaking order until the night-of. (The audience will not know the final speaking order.)


Two sets of 6 talks, separated by a brief intermission, for a general audience of between 600-900.

Talks will be livestreamed on igniteseattle.com. We will also publish individual recordings to our YouTube page a few days after the event.

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