Here’s a partial list of blog posts and news stories about Ignite Seattle.

Ignite Seattle 32

Ignite Seattle 5

Ignite Seattle 4

Stewtopia – A Hot Night in Seattle

Ignite Seattle 3

Ted LeungFlickr photoset

Ignite Seattle 1

6 thoughts on “Press”

  1. hello,

    I’ve noticed that the May 18 event is open only for 21+?

    I was extremely crestfallen when I read about this restriction, and wanted to just ask ‘why’. I’ve heard about Ignite from a lot of people, and have always wanted to catch a show. I am only 6 months shy of my 21st birthday.

    Is there nothing that I can do to gain admission other than waiting for another Ignite event once I turn 21?

    Please advise.


    1. Ong – We’re stuck because the venue is 21+ only. Have not had the resources to coordinate an all ages version at our current venue.


  2. Hello – I’m interested in finding out more about the Ignite Seattle event in Fremont. I write an on-line news website about all things Fremont – including those events that take place at the Center of the Universe. Could someone contact me about the possibility of an interview on this gathering…
    Kirby Lindsay


  3. Is Ignite still in business? I see that most of the postings are from 2006.
    I am a public speaker looking for exposure and experience, photos and testimonials and would very much like to participate in the Ignite events.

    Please let me know if Ignite still exists and how I can participate.

    Thank you,
    Kris Parfitt


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