Sponsor: Thank-You Ontela (again!)

ontelaOntela is sponsoring us again! CEO Dan Shapiro won’t joining us, but Mike Arcuri will be joining us. Thanks Mike, Dan and Ontela!

Ontela is a venture-backed startup that makes it ridiculously easy to get pictures from your camera phone to your PC. We just raised a bunch of money so we could hire smart, creative people JUST LIKE YOU — see our web site for job openings!

Talks: Identity, Pitches, Bouncing, Analyzing AJAX, and Rich Internet Applications

Those are the next five topics selected for the next Ignite (2/13). I am still selecting talks, but we now have a total of 10 talks.

  1. Scott Kveton (JanRain) – OpenID
  2. Hans Omli (Shoestring Ventures)- The Art of the Elevator Pitch – how to pitch your tech startup in 30 seconds or less
  3. Heater Ralph – Art or science? A multi-person pogo stick
  4. Marcelo Calbucci (Sampa) – Dr. Watson for AJAX
  5. Ryan Stewart (ZDNet’s Universal Desktop; Threecast) – The Rich Internet Application Space: Everything from where AJAX fits to Apollo to WPF to the Flash Platform

The rest of the talks will revealed next week!

Applied Privacy, Power, Neuroscience, Custom Bags, and World Travel

Those are the first five topics selected for the next Ignite (2/13). I’ve been busy going through the submissions, but I would like to announce the first five speakers: for the Ask Later talks:

  1. Marc Hedlund (Wesabe) – “Five Ways to Actually Provide Privacy in a Web Application.”
  2. Avi Geiger – “Power Consumption of Home Computers and Incandescent Lightbulbs” (Brady’s note – trust me this is going to be an eye-opening talk)
  3. Elisabeth Freeman (Author in the Head First Series, Works at Disney Internet Group) -The Science Behind the Head First Books: or how to write a technical book that doesn’t put your readers to sleep
  4. Ellie Romero (R.E.Load Bags) – “How R.E.Load Makes Their Bags”
  5. Lee Lefever (The World Is Not Flat) – Adventures from a Year of Multimedia Travel Blogging: A few inspiring stories from a year of travel blogging across 29 countries that produced 500+ blog posts, 24 original videos and 14,000 photos.

The topics span tech, DIY, life hacks and (in future, to-be-accepted talks) entrepreneurship. More speakers will be announced in the coming days.

Wanna submit a talk? The final speakers won’t be selected until the submission deadline of 2/7 — next Wednesday. Take a look at the guidelines.

Ignite Seattle is a geek event that combines on-site geekery, sharing, and innovation (and drinking). The next one will be held upstairs at the CHAC on Tuesday, February 13th. The Make Contest will begin at 6:30; the Ask Later talks will begin at 8:30. Admission is free.

CHAC Upper Level

We maxed out the lower level of CHAC last time we were there. While we weren’t looking, CHAC went and renovated the space upstairs into a massive awesome space that’ll be perfect for Ignite Seattle!

Getting Ready For Ignite Seattle

We stopped into to take a peek and a rock band was setting up.

Getting Ready For Ignite Seattle

They’ve made a bar that we’ll have all to ourselves! Mmmm, drinks!
So you should remember that it’s at the same location and still free, but upstairs instead of downstairs!

Ignite Seattle Deux (that means 2 in fancy-talk)

February 13th, 2007 6:30 – 11:00

CHAC Upper Level (MAP)

621 12th Ave

Seattle, WA 98122 (206) 388-0521

Call for Speakers at Ignite Deux on February 13th


Shelly Farnham at Ignite; Photo by PD Gibson

It is time for you to submit your Ask Later proposal to the next Ignite! What do you want to tell Seattle in 5 minutes? You get 20 slides for 15 seconds a slide and you can’t control it. If you’re unsure of how it works watch a couple of videos from last time.
To submit a talk email us at:


Please include the topic and any affiliations in your email. Submissions will be open until Wednesday, February 7th. We have room for 21 speakers. I expect there will be more than that proposed. Slides will be due by Sunday the 11th.

How will selections be made? They will be based on content (will it appeal to geeks?) and what else is in the program. There will be no repeat speakers from the first Ignite. One tip: we found that the best, most popular talks were not straight product demos, but instead focused on personal experiences that could easily be applied to other people’s own project and lives.

Looking for inspiration? Check out the previous speaker list and watch the videos from last time.

Ignite Seattle is a geek event that combines on-site geekery, sharing, and innovation (and drinking). The next one will be held upstairs at the CHAC on Tuesday, February 13th. The Make Contest will begin at 6:30; the Ask Later talks will begin at 8:30. Videos and photos from the previous Ignite are available. Admission is free.

Note: Speakers will be chosen and announced a rolling basis, but the final speakers will not be chosen until the 7th – meaning you have a definite advantage if you submit early!

Ask Later Videos Posted

We had 25 speakers at the first Ignite. Bryan Zug was kind enough to record and edit all 25 talks. All of the talks can be found on the Ignite Seattle page on Blip.Tv.

All of the talks were great, but some really come through well on video. I recommend that you check out:

You can also download all of the talks from our S3 account, sponsored by Amazon Webservices. Grab the Torrent or download the Zip file.