De-Mystifying the Instant Pot – Sumit Basu – Ignite Seattle 37

The Instant Pot, Amazon’s top-selling product, is a cultural phenomenon and Sumit Basu is here to explain why.

Sumit guides us through what you can and can’t do with the Instant Pot, how to use it, and even how to clean it with humor, hand-drawn slides, and even a catchy musical number.

Me Too: What it Takes To Come Forward – Sarah Schacht – Ignite Seattle 37

When Sarah submitted her talk proposal, she never thought she’d be giving it on the eve of the Kavanaugh hearings. One year after the Weinstein story broke, Sarah takes the Ignite stage to talk about her experience with the #MeToo movement.

This talk isn’t about her story though – it’s about what it takes to come forward. In it, she refutes some common misconceptions and discusses support structures, personal safety, and legal considerations.

Welcoming The Evergrey as our Media Partner

Ignite Seattle and The Evergrey have been friends for a loooong time. We are so excited to make it “Facebook” official: The Evergrey is now Ignite Seattle’s Media partner.
What is The Evergrey? The essential resource for Seattle’s curious locals. From spotlighting our quirkiest communities to finding ways to address our city’s biggest challenges, they’re all about bringing the city together and helping you live like you live here. They produce a morning newsletter. It’s basically a cheat sheet for the city that day: the news you should know, the events you should check out, and the memes that will make your mornings better.
Sign up for The Evergrey <- it is like an email version of Ignite Seattle, you will love it. We do.

Ignite is SOLD OUT. Here’s how you can still attend.

Good news! Due to an incredible speaker lineup and our incredible partners, Ignite Seattle #37 is officially SOLD OUT.

Bad news… There are no more tickets available for Ignite Seattle #37.

Good news! If you’d still like to attend, we have a standby line! We can’t 100% promise you’ll get tickets if you line up, but most people usually do.

Don’t want to line up? You’re also welcome to watch the free livestream (although you’ll miss the preshow and afterparty).

Ignite #37 Preview: Juliet Wasn’t Dumb, Stop Assuming She Was

We don’t need to explain which Juliet Emma Broback is talking about. She’s here to shed some light on some common misconceptions about Juliet’s intelligence.

Sure, she makes her decisions quickly – but since when is decisiveness a character fault? Juliet isn’t dumb – she’s a woman with a plan. And in 5 minutes, Emma will walk you through how Romeo’s intellectual equal asserts her agency to get what she wants.

This is part of a series previewing the talks we’ll be hosting at Ignite Seattle #37. Interested? Get your tickets, but make it quick: Ignite Seattle sells out.

Ignite #37 Preview: So, You’re Black in Tech?

Rovina Broomfield knows a thing or two about working in tech. She also knows a thing or two about people making assumptions.

So when she found herself at a networking brunch, listening to people describing black techies as though they were mysterious and exceptional, she may not have been surprised. But she was upset. (Upset enough to submit a talk about her feelings to Ignite!)

Rovina will be joining us at Ignite #37 to tell Ignite what being black in tech really means about her and her peers. So, the next time you meet someone else who’s black and in tech, you better understand their identity.

This is part of a series previewing the talks we’ll be hosting at Ignite Seattle #37. Interested? Get your tickets, but make it quick: Ignite Seattle sells out.