Can’t make it to the next Ignite Seattle in-person? Catch Ignite Seattle #41 starting on February 27 at 7:00 Pacific with our free livestream! You can register below.

23 thoughts on “Livestream”

  1. In the future, I vote for a Twitter hashtag just for the camera people so that we can tell them where we want to look :-P. A little to the left please! No wait back to the right!


  2. I would like to know more on how to sign up to be a speaker. What are the dead lines and what are the topics. I have just heard about this.


  3. I walked down to the event (about half a block) and gave a listen. The audio processing gives a really strange effect and makes it rather difficult to hear what the speaker is saying. It sounds like a strange mix of “noise cancelling” , Autotune, and echo. The streaming that I’ve hear tonight sounds ok, but in person there’s too much processing distortion. I’m a tech generalist and as such would be glad to lend a hand if you think it would be of help. I stand behind your efforts 100%.


  4. Was there a max time on the livestream (watching from Maryland). So disappointed when it went offline just before halftime and just before end. Love that you did it… try to figure out the limitation. (Need to find out what happened to the tree in the grips of the tree hugger…


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