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We Want YOU to Speak at Ignite 22!

Complete this form to submit a talk or nominate a friend. The next Ignite Seattle is November 20th. Details below.

Pre-show Ice Breaker with Justin Martenstein

This could be you!
Photo Credit: Morgen Schuler

Submission deadline: Friday, October 11th.

Event Location: Town Hall Seattle.

Tell us about your cool idea, hack, lesson, or “war stories.”

Don’t worry if you’re shy or an inexperienced speaker! We provide a couple speaker training sessions to help you craft your story and feel more confident about giving your talk.

We really want to hear from you! So complete this form and enlighten us (but make it quick!).

Guide to Outdoor Ignite 21 – Bring your chair!

We’re looking forward to our 3rd Annual Outdoor Ignite this Sunday!

Below is a handy list of Things and Stuff you should know:

  • Located at Fremont Outdoor Cinemas (3501 Phinney Ave. N, across from Brouwer’s and Theo Chocolate).
  • Doors open at 7:00, talks start at 8:30(ish). Feel free to come and go.
  • Admission is $5. If you bought a pre-sale ticket, please print out the ticket and bring it with you. Tickets are available here.
  • Bring your own chairs and blankets!
  • The event is all ages. Bring the kids!
  • You can bring food and drinks, but no alcohol please.

You can check out the list of speakers here. See you Sunday!

Ignite Seattle 20 is another Town Hall double feature

Ignite Seattle 20 is another double feature at Town Hall Seattle – Your $5 admission gets you into Ignite and a reading by psychotherapist and author Gary Greenberg.

Gary will kick off Town Hall’s May 16 double feature at 6 pm (one $5 ticket gets you into see him and Ignite!) with an entertaining expose of the new, fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders — the DSM — the American Psychiatric Association’s compendium of mental illnesses “Bible.”

Gary Greenberg

Since its debut in 1952, the DSM has been frequently revised and, with each revision, so has the “official” view on which psychological problems constitute mental illness. Homosexuality, for instance, was classified as a mental illness until 1973, and Asperger’s gained recognition in 1994 only to see its status challenged nearly 20 years later.

Each revision created controversy, but the DSM-5, the newest iteration, has shaken psychiatry to its foundations. The APA has taken fire from all corners — and now from Greenberg — for extending the reach of psychiatry into daily life by encouraging doctors to diagnose more illnesses and prescribe more therapies — often medications whose efficacy is unknown and whose side effects are severe.

Get tickets over on the Town Hall Seattle event page.

Tonight’s Speaker Lineup for Ignite 19

Here is the final lineup for tonight’s event at Town Hall. Speakers start at 8pm and we will be live streaming the event. If you’re tweeting, please use the hashtag #IS19, you can also watch that tag and our Twitter feed for live tweeting throughout the event.

1. Tae Phoenix – How to Write a Song
2. Jonathon – Colman Surviving as an Introvert in an Extroverted World
3. Wendy Hinman – We’re Gonna Die!
4. Lindsay Sharma –What do Swaziland, Papua New Guinea and the United States have in common?
5. Sara Kiesler – How to Give Up Cheese
6. Bruce Ryan – Nothing is Impossible
7. Adam Philipp – NETWORKING, the RPG


1. Jessika Satori – So you want to make an indie movie!
2. Forest Gibson – How to make a viral video (and why it’s not easy)
3. Kate Bergstrom – Online Dating Tips I Have Learned After Meeting Over 100 Men
4. Andrew Dumont – Projects: From Idea to Launch and Beyond
5. Sara McNally – How the downturn made me a small business owner (and why it was a good idea)
6. Hillel Cooperman – How I got seriously hurt at summer camp, and ended up meeting Donnie and Marie instead.
7. James Davenport – Mapping the United States of Starbucks
8. Geraldine DeRuiter – Sharing Personal News Online