So You’re Black in Tech? – Rovina Broomfield – Ignite Seattle #37

After Rovina Broomfield moved from Chicago to Seattle to start working at a large tech company, she wanted to become part of the local community. As she’d meet people, though, many would start by expressing their surprise at, well, a black woman moving to Seattle and working in tech. One day, at a brunch, she heard another black woman in tech describe herself as a “unicorn,” and decided she’d had enough.

When we see someone who is, as Rovina puts it, “a rare, or an only”, she asks that we realize: they know they’re rare. They pushed through that and decided to act, despite having few role models. But throughout history, many people had to start as an “only.”

Instead of focusing on their uniqueness in our community, we need to focus on making them part of our community. Like a transplant who’s just moved to a new city, people who are rare need to feel welcome and cool, not rare and untouchable. So, you’re black in tech? As Rovina puts it, “let’s go from being transplants to being locals.”

photo by: Brady Harvey

Oceans and Robots and Volcanoes, Oh My! – Dana Manalang – Ignite Seattle 37

Let’s play a game called “Ocean or Land.” Which one covers more of the Earth’s surface? Where are there more volcanos? Where is there more plant life?

Dana Manalang usually plays this game with elementary school students, but the Ignite audience did a bang-up job answering those questions. While many know the answers, there are many questions about the ocean that no one knows the answer to.

Learn more about these questions, and how to get kids, and adults, excited about the ocean, in Dana’s talk, “Oceans and Robots and Volcanoes, Oh My!”

How to Thru-Hike Without Suffering – Beth Jusino – Ignite Seattle 37

Many people in Seattle love the outdoors, but who likes eating cold food out of cans, pooing in the woods, or the general idea of wandering around where hungry grizzly bears live?

That’s where Beth Jusino, author of Camino Times Two, has a secret for you: The Camino de Santiago. A series of pilgrimage trails through Western Europe. She walked for a thousand miles and over two mountain ranges, and still got to sleep in warm beds and have delicious meals – all for less than a night out in Capitol Hill.

Do you want to learn the secrets of the Camino de Santiago? Then Jusino’s talk is perfect for you.

photo by: Brady Harvey

De-Mystifying the Instant Pot – Sumit Basu – Ignite Seattle 37

The Instant Pot, Amazon’s top-selling product, is a cultural phenomenon and Sumit Basu is here to explain why.

Sumit guides us through what you can and can’t do with the Instant Pot, how to use it, and even how to clean it with humor, hand-drawn slides, and even a catchy musical number.

Me Too: What it Takes To Come Forward – Sarah Schacht – Ignite Seattle 37

When Sarah submitted her talk proposal, she never thought she’d be giving it on the eve of the Kavanaugh hearings. One year after the Weinstein story broke, Sarah takes the Ignite stage to talk about her experience with the #MeToo movement.

This talk isn’t about her story though – it’s about what it takes to come forward. In it, she refutes some common misconceptions and discusses support structures, personal safety, and legal considerations.

Videos & Recap: Ignite Seattle #35

Thanks to all of you who joined us last night for another sold-out show at the Egyptian Theater. Once again Seattle’s most supportive, energetic, and playful crowd encouraged a line-up some of our city’s most creative and interesting citizens.

All of the videos from last night are now live (thanks to Bootstrapper studios)! You can watch individual talks or the entire show in one video.  Please take a minute to share your favorites on all the interwebs.

  1. Get Free Accommodations Worldwide, Thanks to Neurotic Dogs, Silvana Clark
  2. Running A Hummingbird Food Bank, Lauryl Zenobi
  3. What Government Bureaucracy Taught Me About Creativity, Joel Fariss
  4. Bias Proofing Business Broom Closets and Board Rooms, Sara Sanford
  5. Swinging On The Lamp Posts Designing For Play In The Modern City, Colin MacDonald
  6. Qualifying Your WA Initiative For Under $500,000, Gabe Meyer
  7. How One Guy Can Make You Less Racist, Maryam Hosseini
  8. What I Learned Visiting Every Park In Seattle, Linnea Westerlind
  9. How To Mouse With Your Toes- Throw Your Mouse On The Floor, Not Out The Window, Elizabeth Nelson
  10. How To Not Be The Least Secure Gazelle, Zachary Cohn
  11. My Life As A Superhero Myths About Disaster Response, Chris Sheach
  12. Not Your Father’s Lumberjacks, Seth Zuckerman
  13. I Love Profanity! The Surprisingly Difficult Decision To Remove One Word From My Book, Jeremy Kayes

There was a ton of great photos taken: here and here and don’t forget the photo booth photos here (tag yourself & friends)

And if you were there live, or have a been to an Ignite in the last two years, take a minute to tell us what you thought. We want to make each Ignite better than the last and our 3 minute survey is just a click away. Thanks!

Ignite Seattle #34 – The Recap

Thank you to all of you who joined us last week for a spectacular SOLD OUT show at The Egyptian Theatre. We learned about the unusual history of volunteering, robots taking our jobs, death, sofas, pageants, birders, Seattle and so much more. Which talk was your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

Our sincerest hope is you had a great time and will spread the ideas of our speakers to your friends, coworkers and followers. And we hope you will join us for our next event. Mark your calendars: Ignite Seattle #35 is Thursday March 1st, 2018.

Watch videos from your favorite talks right now:

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