Aaron Hockley – It Seems Everyone’s a Photographer Nowadays

As a hobbyist-turned-professional photographer, I’ve heard all sorts of folks in the photo industry lament the fact that it seems everyone thinks they’re a photographer. Whether it’s an iPhone with Hipstamatic or a sub-$500 DSLR, photography has never been more accessible and shareable. Amateurs aren’t going to put the good professionals out of business, and instead of sitting around telling the damn kids to get off their lawn, the pros should recognize how great it is that so many people are participating in such an important activity that shapes how we remember our family, our friends, and our history.

Joel Grus – How to Be Funny

It’s easy to be popular if you’re rich, or good-looking, or good at sports. But the rest of us have to be funny if we want people to like us. Acclaimed writer, humorist, and data analyst Joel Grus has spent years of research and experimentation uncovering the basic principles of humor. In this 5-minute talk, he’ll teach you how to master these principles and make people laugh.

Don’t forget, Ignite Seattle 13 is TOMORROW NIGHT!

Ignite Seattle 13 – This Thursday night!

Just a reminder, Ignite Seattle 13 is this Thursday, February 10th at 7pm at the King Cat Theater.

Topics range from karaoke to tracking people using pictures of them, and from babies using the internet to advanced co-housing techniques.

It’s $5 at the door and be sure to get there on time – the ice-breaker activity this time around is building mousetrap cars!

Adam Philipp – How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Software Patents

The Founder of ÆON Law: Adam has been involved in building patent portfolios in the computer science, electrical devices, consumer products and related fields since 1998 and with Internet and technology law since 1995. He can be often found out in the tech community looking for the latest new gadgets.

Buster Benson – Virtual goods can improve the quality of your real life experiences

Buster Benson is the founder of a new health-improvement social game called Health Month. In previous lives, he co-founded The Robot Co-op, and McLeod Residence, and has build a few fun things like the Locavore iPhone app and 750words.com.

Six days until Ignite Seattle 13!

Mandy Sorensen – Fleas, worms, and other parasites

Mandy Sorensen works in the Seattle area as a small animal veterinarian and is in hot pursuit of her Master’s of Public Health at Johns Hopkins. Her professional interests include parasitology (of course), infectious diseases, endocrinology, and soft tissue surgery. In her spare time you can find her surfing, hiking, attempting to brew beer, or headed to a show.

Gregory Heller – SCRUM Project Management For Wedding Planning

Gregory Heller is a master of the SCRUM style of project management. When he was preparing to get married… he figured why go the normal route? Why not apply his knowledge for a different kind of project – his wedding!

Do you want to speak at Ignite? Submissions for talks are open until Friday, Jan 7th! Everyone has something interesting to say – what will you talk about?

Submit Your Talk for Ignite Seattle 13

Our next Ignite Seattle will be February 10th, 2011 and it will be a part of the 2nd Annual Global Ignite Week. Last year, Global Ignite Week was held in 65 cities on 6 continents and featured over 500 speakers. Submissions are now open and we’d love to have you speak at our next Ignite. Submissions are due by January 10th, although earlier submissions are encouraged!

If you’d like to spread the word about open submissions through Social Media, you can use this bit.ly link: http://bit.ly/5XPH1

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