Health Hacks in a Readable Form

Candace McNaughton, ND wrote in to provide the hacks from her great talk, Health Hacks- Natural Medicine Quick Fixes, in a list form. Enjoy!

Following are the eight health hacks presented at the third Ignite Seattle. Keep in mind that these are meant to be examples of some quick-acting natural approaches rather than representative of naturopathic treatment. Treatment plans are always more holistic and complex.

Overeating– Hoodia gordonii, 250-500 mg twenty minutes before a meal. Eat less that meal
Afternoon slumps – 15-20 grams protein in the morning balances blood sugar
Migraine – 150-200 mg Butterbur can avert migraine in process.
Diabetes – Gymnema and other plants balance blood sugar. Gymnema on tongue blocks sweet receptors.
Fatigue – B12/BComplex intramuscular injections. Feel energy boost right away.
Traveler’s Diarrhea – Probiotics like lactobacillis acidophilus can prevent or stop this condition.
Smoking Cessation – Lobelia fills nicotine receptors, calms anxiety, and is a muscle relaxant.
Anxiety – California poppy, hops, oats, valerian, skullcap, passionflower all calm mental & physical symptoms.

Please contact me with questions or for further information.

Worldwide Lexicon Unveiled at Ignite

Brian McConnell, one of our Ignite 3 speakers, wrote in to tell us that the subject of his talk is ready to be used! From Brian:

The Worldwide Lexicon, an open source translation project, made its first appearance at Ignite. WWL enables websites to translate their content to any language, by recruiting bilingual users from their audience to contribute translations via a wiki. WWL is inviting more websites to join its test. Visit for more information.

Joining the network is as simple as posting your site’s full text RSS feed address. WWL polls your RSS feed for new texts, and then creates wiki pages for translations to any number of languages. You can either let WWL host the translations, or if you want to be fancy about it, loop RSS back from the WWL system to your site.

Sponsor: Thanks Axios Law (Again!)

Thanks to Axios Law for sponsoring Ignite again last night!

AXIOS Law Group is an intellectual property, technology, entertainment and litigation law firm formed in 2006 by a joining of law firms that date back to 2000. Located in Seattle, Washington, our lawyers represent individuals, start-ups, small and medium-sized businesses and large multinational corporations throughout Washington and beyond. While many of our clients hail from the Puget Sound region, we handle the legal needs of clients located throughout the country and internationally, including Las Vegas, Portland, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, New York City and Vancouver, as well as Latin America, Asia and Europe.

We are focused on helping our clients achieve their business goals by minimizing litigation risk and maximizing business opportunity. From formation to dissolution, and everything in between, our lawyers represent clients in the areas of: Patent Law, Trademark Law, Copyright Law, Business Planning & Risk Management, Business Structure & Organization, Trade Secret Law, Entertainment Law, Intellectual Property Transactions, Intellectual Property Litigation, Technology Transactions & Contracts, Technology & Business Litigation, and Unfair Competition Law.

Sponsor: Thank-You Lockergnome (again x 2)!


Lockergnome sponsored Ignite again last night! And Chris came for the first time; I hope next time we can get him on stage. Thanks Chris and Ponzi!

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Ignite 3: The Details

Ignite 3 happens tonight. Here are the details:

Where: CHAC Upstairs – 1621 12th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122 (don’t worry we’ll have more space this time)

  • 6:00 – Doors Open
  • 6:30 – Paper Airplane Challenge Begins
  • 8:00 – Break
  • 8:30 – Ask Later Talks: Round 1 begins (full schedule)
  • 9:15 – Break
  • 9:45 – Ask Later Talks: Round 2 begins
  • 10:30 – End of Ignite

Why: Because it’s fun!