How One Guy Can Make You Less Racist – Maryam Hosseini

Maryam Hosseini tells the story of Mahmoud, an Iranian immigrant, and his pursuit of the American Dream. The presentation ended with her introducing the audience to her father, who also happens to be Mahmoud, and appreciating his sacrifices that cured the fear of the other.

His life is a symptomatic obstacle, one after another after another. And this man manages to smile, remain resilient, to smile, give back to him community, and encourage his children to foster this incredible relationship with the people they know. Because the America he came for he still believes in.

Running A Hummingbird Food Bank – Lauryl Zenobi

Lauryl Zenobi explores how the stubborn little Anna’s Hummingbird manages to survive our gloomy Seattle winters, why everyone should turn their backyard into a hummingbird food bank, and what lessons we Seattleites can learn from the resilience of these magical creatures.

Jeri can teach us to remember to care for others and that even those that aren’t from here can find there niche, with just a little bit of help.

Get Free Accommodations Worldwide, Thanks to Neurotic Dogs – Silvana Clark

If you love pets and want to travel the world, consider house-sitting! Silvana Clark and her husband are “house-sitting hermit crabs.” They’ve lived for free in a chalet, a manor house, a Swiss barn, plus homes in Spain, Portugal, Germany, and Australia. No paying mortgage, internet, utilities or even for toilet paper!

Dude would only relieve himself after a one-hour walk. But we lived 20 minutes from downtown London with him! So we take him for a long walk, and then head off to see a London show, which was great.

Speaker List: Ignite Seattle #35 at The Egyptian on March 1st

Selecting just 14 talks from the list of speaker submissions was tough, with so many great ideas! But here is the list of who’s speaking at Ignite Seattle #35 on March 1st (with the speaking order yet to be determined):

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  • Get Free Accommodations Worldwide, Thanks to Neurotic Dogs – Silvana Clark
  • How One Guy Can Make You Less Racist – Maryam Hosseini
  • What I Learned Visiting Every Park In Seattle – Linnea Westerlind
  • My Life As A Superhero: Myths About Disaster Response – Chris Sheach
  • What Adults Can Learn From Teens – Sargun Handa
  • What Government Bureaucracy Taught Me About Creativity – Joel Fariss
  • Bias-Proofing Business: Broom Closets and Board Rooms – Sara Sanford
  • How To Not Be The Least Secure Gazelle – Zachary Cohn
  • Running A Hummingbird Food Bank – Lauryl Zenobi
  • Qualifying Your WA Initiative For Under $500,000 – Gabe Meyer
  • I Love Profanity! The Surprisingly Difficult Decision To Remove One Word From My Book – Jeremy Kayes
  • Swinging On The Lamp Posts: Designing For Play In The Modern City – Colin MacDonald
  • How To Mouse With Your Toes: Throw Your Mouse On The Floor, Not Out The Window – Elizabeth Nelson
  • Not Your Father’s Lumberjacks – Seth Zuckerman

We can’t wait to see you at The Egyptian on March 1st!
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Best of Ignite Seattle at Town Hall’s Last Hurrah: June 30

Did you know Town Hall is closing for major renovations? Let’s shut it down with a bang–and some of the best Ignite Seattle speakers we’ve ever heard!

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Come together for our final hours in Town Hall’s current building for an evening jam packed with slam poetry, live music, hip-hop tap, a late-night Ignite, live music from local bands, a Great Hall dance party, and more. Concessions will stay open all night, joined by food trucks and photo booths. The night will cap off with a midnight toast to our future!

Schedule of events:
7PM: Performance by three-time world champion spoken word artist Buddy Wakefield
8:15PM: Dance performance by Northwest Tap Connection
9:30PM: Best of Ignite Seattle, including these amazing speakers:

10:30PM: Musical performance by The Nines, one of Seattle’s best party bands covering hits from the ‘70s to today.
11:45PM: A reading of the Great Hall poem and a toast to Town Hall’s future.

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Thursday Throwback: Networking, the RPG (2013)

Thursday Throwback: Networking, the RPG

Do you self-identify as an introvert? Does the thought of networking make you cringe? This week’s throwback Thursday is for you! Adam Phillips (the lawyer with the glowing badge) shares a helpful analogy in his 2013 talk, Networking: the RPG (Or Everything I Need to Know About Networking I Learned From Playing D&D).