Ignite Seattle #39 is sold out – Here’s how you can still attend!

Ignite Seattle #39 has sold out! This is going to be one of our best shows yet, and if you missed your chance at a ticket, don’t despair. Here’s how to attend:

  1. Watch the event live online.
    For those of you who won’t be able to join us at the event, we’re working with Punch Drunk Productions to bring you the next best thing: a live-stream on the web which makes you feel like you’re in the front row. Sign up now!
  2. Join the standby line.
    At 6pm on Thursday, June 6th, we’re setting up a line outside Town Hall Seattle for standby tickets. We’ll release any unclaimed seats shortly before the show starts (there are usually some available).

The doors at Town Hall Seattle open at 6:30pm (bar & snacks), Show starts at 7:30pm.

(One last thing: if you’re an organization working with people traditionally underrepresented in public speaking – low-income, Black/Latinx, etc – we hold a limited number of completely free tickets for each event. If you’d like to be notified for our next event, or advise us on how to do better outreach, for Ignite Seattle #40 (October 3rd), please drop us a line at diversity@igniteseattle.com.)

Author: Scott Berkun

Author and Speaker, known for fine books including The Myths of Innovation, Making things Happen, The Year Without Pants and Confessions of a Public Speaker.

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