Ignite #37 Preview: De-Mystifying the Instant Pot

When Sumit Basu was a child, his mother would get out a weird metal pot, clamp it together, and tell the kids to keep away in case it explodes. Then she’d cook food in it.

Much later in life, Sumit decided to revisit pressure cookers, but as a scientist, he had new questions: What can you cook in it? How does the pressure help it cook quickly? And why does the food taste so good?

And, really, who hasn’t had these questions? We’re excited for Sumit to unravel the mysteries of the Instant Pot on-stage at Ignite Seattle #36.

This is part of a series previewing the talks we’ll be hosting at Ignite Seattle #37. Interested? Get your tickets, but make it quick: Ignite Seattle sells out.

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