Ticket Update: Ignite #35 (March 1st)

Egyptian Theater - 2018 home of Ignite Seattle

For the first time since we started charging admission, we are raising our ticket price for Ignite Seattle.

Some hard financial realities drove this decision. When Town Hall closed for its renovation, we had to move to a smaller venue. The Egyptian Theater is fantastic, but it only seats 570 folks. Town Hall could seat 830. That leaves us down about $1,300 in revenue right off the bat.

We are an all-volunteer organization, and we run a tight financial ship, so our costs aren’t too high. Every penny that we collect goes into the program.

As evaluated our new situation, for the first time in our history, we were looking at a non-sustainable budget. As diligent stewards of this community resource, we made the decision to raise prices.

So, beginning with our March 1 event, the price of admission will be $10 ($5 for Town Hall members).

We’re working hard to make sure that Ignite will still be a good value for you. And we’re working all the time to make the event even better.

Most importantly, we still get as many high-quality community speaking submissions as ever. So you can count on another great line-up March 1.

At $10 we are still more affordable than a first-run movie. And, honestly, when was the last time you felt that fun, friendly community vibe in a Regal Cinemas lobby?

We hope you’ll support us in this decision. Which you can do right now by buying a ticket for Ignite Seattle #35 🙂

Author: Larry Swanson

Content architect. Host, Content Strategy Insights podcast.

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