Tickets on Sale for Ignite Seattle #29

Our 29th Ignite event is Thursday, February 18th, 7pm/8pm at Town Hall Seattle. Tickets $5 at the door or in advance (we frequently sell out – buy tickets early. Or NOW. Really).

Doors open at 7pm, with a cash bar and a fun social interactive game-like-thing (you don’t have to play, and since there is a bar you can stand and drink and make fun of the people who do, but we suspect you’re more likely to play than you think).

Talks start at 8pm, with an nicely sized intermission for you to do various acts of biology and sociology, including getting more drinks.

For Ignite Seattle #29, we received more than 55 submissions. Since we are restricted by the laws of physics we can only have 16 speakers in one event (If you have supernatural powers please volunteer: we can use you).

Here is the delightful roster of magnificent speakers for the evening:

(Speaking order TBD. Stay for the whole night – you’ll get far more than your $5 worth):

  • Yes, I’m having an identity crisis – Sarah Novotny
  • Why I’m bringing Robots to Prison – Lindsey Wilson
  • How to Talk to Your Teenage Son about Sex – Hillel Cooperman*
  • The Data Is In: How To Improve Your Neighborhood – Shelly Farnham*
  • Choosing Our President: How To Caucus in Our State – Jon Culver
  • Molecular Machines and Designer Drugs – Franziska Seeger
  • De-Isolation: Overcoming Social Anxiety – Bill Bernat
  • How To Catch an Idea and Make It Yours – Mark Teppo
  • There’s So Much Bullshit Around Coffee – Jacob Fleisher
  • The Taboo of Death Talk – Dani Buckley
  • How the Super Loop Saved Me – Tamara Clammer
  • Make Law, Not Sugared Water – Dan Lear
  • How To Catch Mackerel In Norway – Judy Oldfield
  • 12 Things I learned about Teams By Coaching Little League – David Betz
  • By Their Surplus You Will Know Them – Peter Adelsheim
  • How I Went From Blogger To Pro Food Writer in 10 Short Years – Naomi Tomky

* = Ignite Seattle Alumni

Looks like a fantastic evening, yes? Get tickets here. 

Author: Scott Berkun

Author and Speaker, known for fine books including The Myths of Innovation, Making things Happen, The Year Without Pants and Confessions of a Public Speaker.

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