Full Speaker List and Tickets for Seattle Ignite 28

Our 28th Ignite event is Thursday, September 17th 7pm/8pm at Town Hall Seattle. Tickets $5 at the door or in advance (we frequently sell out – buy tickets early. Or NOW. Really).

Doors open at 7pm, with a cash bar and a fun social interactive game-like-thing (you don’t have to play, and since there is a bar you can stand and drink and make fun of the people who do, but we suspect you’re more likely to play than you think). Talks start at 8pm, with an nicely sized intermission for you to do various acts of biology and sociology, including getting more drinks.

We received more than 50 submissions. Since we are restricted by the laws of physics we can only have 16 speakers in one event (If you have supernatural powers please volunteer: we can use you).

Here is the resplendent list of wondrous presenters:

(Speaking order TBD. You should come for the whole thing and get far more than your $5 worth):

  • The World Turned Upside Down: What Our Teachers Never Told Us About the Revolution – Don Glickstein
  • Why You Probably Suck: Your Keyboard is Slowly Killing You – Chris Mosetick
  • How To Kill Your Husband (and Other Disaster Preparedness tips) – Eric Holderman
  • Hiring More Women Isn’t Rocket Science – Ruchika Tulshyan
  • Seattle and The Future of BooksPaul Constant
  • Bootstrapping Social Change: the case for Universal Basic Income Victor Chudnovsky
  • To Be A Great Leader, Perform Burlesque – Cat Cuevas
  • Sensitive Badass – Amber Hargett
  • Turing and Cancer: complexity matters – Ron Burk
  • Sex My Flies – Dave Zucker
  • Screenager – All Grown Up Melinda Fox
  • Update Your Default SettingsChristina Durbin
  • Drawing From Cancer – Carrie DeBacker
  • What You Don’t Know Will HurtShannon Polson
  • How My Mom’s Untreated Schizophrenia Made Me A Better WriterBerrak Sarikaya
  • My Life As a Nuclear FreakshowMark Reed

Looks good, yes? Get tickets here. 

Author: Scott Berkun

Author and Speaker, known for fine books including The Myths of Innovation, Making things Happen, The Year Without Pants and Confessions of a Public Speaker.

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